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Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

Well how many institutions actually have a proper IT Infrastructure?
Having a company having to embarrassingly show their inadequacies when a problem effects customers should be public. Because if their value in their IT systems is so low should we trust them with their data? Also being self serving: That embarassment will make sure they hire more staff and put more money in IT funding.

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jellomizer writes: Jerry Doyle, best known for his role as Chief of Security Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, has passed away at the age of 60.
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Comment Re:What is going on here? (Score 1, Insightful) 519

Well there are a few things.
1. Most Home Users and Small Businesses are unable to maintain and administer their own computer. Many of the big security problems and hacks come from the users lack to properly Admin their home PC. This lack of Administration skills put Microsoft in a worse light than it deserved. Because they fixed the problems quickly and offer fixes. But too many users just didn't want to waste the time keeping their system operational.

2. People no longer want to pay a lot for computers. 1980s $4k was a reasonable price for a good PC. 1990s it was 2k, 2000s 1k, 2010s $500 Price is going down while inflation is going up and the cost. We are getting cheaper computers. Gone are the solid steel cases, mechanical keyboards, with components that were suppose to last for decades. We are cheap plastic, flimsy membrane squishy keys, and components that will last you 2 or 3 years if you are lucky. Because of this the OS cannot sell for more than the cost of the hardware. So Microsoft is doing these control things to keep cost down.

3. Because of the cheaper hardware much of the extra processing needs have moved to "the cloud". Being that many of the OS Components are on the cloud if you disable it. You will suffer performance and feature hit.

If we can get people willing to spend $2k for a desktop PC and $300 for the OS, I wouldn't expect Windows or OS X to become more power user friendly.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 0) 519

If by Linux Desktop you mean GNU/Linux and not Android? Probably still not. The "Personal Computer" will just diminish further to a point where it isn't relevant for most people any more (tablets/smart phones being their principal computing device) And what we call the PC/Desktop/laptop/notbook will become workstations. And mostly relegated for work (Where Microsoft is still making exceptions to these lockdowns). So some people will get these Work Stations for themselfs and probably put Linux on them, so most of the Personal Computer may have Linux... However it wouldn't be considered a victory to Linux but the PC being a relic of a past time.

Microsoft is just milking the end of the PC for as long as it can.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 5, Insightful) 210

She is still the copyright owner.
Getty took her work and sold it without her permission as well as harassing others she freely gave it away to. Damaging her reputation, as well her customers. The fact that she gave them away for free doesn't mean mean that they didn't have value.

Heck in slashdot when we find a company breaking the GPL we want Blood from them.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 2) 355

Like most stories with a bias. It all depends on how you want to categorize things.
For hardware brand Apple Wins. For a phone type Android may beat IOS. If you want screen manufacture perhaps Samsung will get it.

Politics does this all the time. The Republicans may ask if you liked Hillary Clinton. Over half don't so they make the point that over half may vote for Trump.

Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 1, Interesting) 302

However smoking is rather popular around the world, in countries with less than free markets as well.
Now these e-Cig are safer than smoking... However they are not treated as a way to step down your smoking addiction. But are marketing the cool new drug for hipsters. So now kids no longer look like walking tail pipes but more like walking nuclear reactors meltdowns with huge amount of vapor puffing out of their face.
Getting them addicted to nicotine. Sure it won't kill you as fast as burning chemical treated plants, but still the drug high is just just putting poison in your system and your body reacting to it.
Sure there are other socially acceptable drugs, like caffeine and I had my morning coffee today, where taking too much can be bad for you. However most of these other like drinking coffee are more natural form of ingestion, ingesting it like food and drink, where the body had additional features to filter out bad stuff (As naturally we would eat stuff that have a lot more nasty chemicals in it, often produced by plants and animals as self defense mechnisms). Vs. breathing it where it more directly goes into our bloodstream, by passing much of the safety filters. So if you drank too much coffee you would would be peeing most of it out.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 396

Or many dangerous people (the ones who like to snub the law) have little respect for it and other people and may be guilty of other crimes as well.
Just because you happen to agree with a political view doesn't make these people nice people.
If someone big on trying to change the system has a lot of personality to try to make the change, this personality also causes many bad behaviors as well. Because there is a fine line between I must fight for what I think is right, vs everything I think is right.

Comment Re:Translation: More H-1Bs (Score 1) 118

The thing is, I don't see a lack of supply. Whenever there is a job opening there are a bunch of candidates available. The problem is companies have poor understanding on what the techies do. They normally fail to understand that this is a professional occupation, with professional responsibilities and requires professional pay to get it correctly done.
You can get someone who can code for cheap from another country or right out of school. However they don't know how to ask the right questions or deal with ambiguous specifications. The organization usually needs at least 2 developers on a project. An experienced professional and someone who is learning.
The experience person really puts the ideas together. The lesser experience person does most of the leg work, so they can learn the ropes. This creates a project that is normally more maintainable and resistant to one person leaving. As well being able to provide what they need and not what they said.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 307

You are still confusing the OS Feature with the language and not considering the language type.
Python/Haskell/Ruby/Javascript are interpreted languages. There is a OS Particular and compiled program that reads the code and performs actions based on parsing out the text. .NET/Java Compiles into byte code than a particular program executes the bytecode as it is more efficient than trying to parse the real text.
C/C++/FORTRAN.... Are Compiled. There is a program (like GCC) that will interpret the text and convert it into Machine code

These libraries are often compiled in C just because it is a popular language for compiled code. However it doesn't have to be. There are other IPC processes in the OS that we can choose to communicate with other programs so you C code can talk to a Python Program or include your favorite java library as well. As well most of the languages will allow you to go the other way as well.

However it is rather poor form to mix languages (I am of the computer science discipline), I even shy away from including standard linux libraries in a python app, because it makes your code base much more difficult to maintain having to deal with multiple compilers and complex builds and difficult to trace problems, as well harder to distribute.

But to clarify my original point about reusability it was more about the programming discipline of trying to keep your functions and methods more generic and flexible so you don't have a lot of similar functions with minor tweaks. And this isn't a rib against the language it is just the Computer Engineering programming methodology will put value in generic code but not at the expense of performance. While the Computer Science methodology will be more willing to tradeoff performance for less rewriting code in the future. These are tradeoffs that we have to choose to make, they are not necessarily better or worse but people who follow a particular discipline have formed their habits and will default to what they know. Sure with my Computer Science Discipline will have to break the rule and make a particular function for only one job because it needs to run fast because I see it is a bottleneck. And yes the Computer Engineers will make generic functions as they know it will be needed over and over again other wise they will be spending too much time coding the same stuff.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 2) 307

You are confusing the language and the OS feature. That will need to be recompiled for every OS once compiled it isn't c code it is a compiled library. I could make a library in any other compiled language say FORTRAN.

If distribution your c code and the new system doesn't have the library then you get into dependacy hell.

Now C is considered portable because you can compile it on a different system. But that Python program I make I can run on Linux or Windows without any changes. Just as long as the interpreter is installed.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 2) 307

C in terms of its primitives are portable. However if you are making a Phone App, you are not going to have a lot of luck with making a cross compiled app with a UI that will work well with iOS and Android. Because a lot of the code requires calling libraries and OS particular functions. Sure you can do it with bunch of #ifdef
but it is nearly like writing a program over again for each system. You would be better off with a good source control.

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