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Comment AppleSoft BASIC and Apple Pascal (Score 1) 623

My first program was an HGR of a sword. Plotted the damn thing pixel by pixel because I didn't know about loops; I just sat down and started typing. I later wrote and ran a BBS - The Red Dragon Inn. Tried to write an online dungeon crawler called GrimaceGrounds, but I left the disks in the computer lab one day and lost months of work.

Then I lost my virginity and my interest in computers went all to hell.

Comment Re:I still don't get it. (Score 2, Insightful) 57

A console capable of 1080p output, has low-cost casual games, and doesn't require an always-on connection. Don't talk to me about graphics unless they're truly crap, because for me it's gameplay that matters. I have a PS3, but am done with Sony entirely. Nor will I be buying a new Xbox or a Wii U. The major console makers have taken enough of my money, and now they want to control when and what I can play - always-online and no used games. I'll be buying an Ouya as well as a GameStick, and I'll be buying my games through their console stores and i.e. Steam.

Comment Re:They'll also run fine with default drivers ofte (Score 2) 965

Nope. My wife and I both have 2011 Macbook Pros, mine came with 10.6; her's, purchased about 2 months later, came with 10.7. I had a BITCH of a time getting 10.6 to install on her's, and I'm still not sure how I did it. The reinstall disk that came with mine wouldn't work, and getting it to boot from an external disk with 10.6 was a pain although it finally worked. The install never did complete successfully, but it did boot after manually shutting it down and I was able to update it to 10.6.8. All told it took me several hours and a lot of luck to get Snow Leopard to install.

I was also told by an Apple employee that the firmware won't allow versions older than what was originally installed.

Comment VMWare Fusion on OS X (Score 1) 361

I've been using VMWare Fusion on OS X for a few years to run WinXP & 7 as well as Ubuntu. It's gotten steadily better and faster over time, and I have no issues. I've also tried VirtualBox, used it on both OS X and Ubuntu hosts, and while it's good it's not as polished as Fusion. I've never used Parallels, but recent reviews tend to give it a slight advantage over Fusion.

I'd suggest that you try the demos for Fusion and Parallels, see if either is worth the cost or if the free alternative works well enough for your needs.

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