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Comment Re:Flip Side (Score 1) 121

windows 10 is more space efficeint than windows 7 was, but it's also missing functions and the UI is pretty jacked up.

in windows 7 you can put any file or shortcut you want into the launcher bar or start menu, in windows 10 you can't, you can "pin" multiple folders if you want, but they all go under the right click menu for file explorer, same with multiple text files, they all go under notepad.exe, so specific files cannot be accessed with one click anymore.

Comment Re:Not exactly a big bet (Score 3, Insightful) 46

What you say is true but no matter the price tag, imo it shows real commitment to the technology. They could have done the same thing with OLED back when Universal Display (the supplier of OLED chemicals) was around $100-200m market cap but didn't. So perhaps this shows that Samsung really is making real progress toward true emissive QLED displays, with QD enhanced LCD as the stepping stone.

Btw, various articles I've seen speculated that emissive QLED TV would be released in the 2019-2020 range but of course every estimate turns out to be way optimistic. However, this purchase does make one think that's it's more than a PR maneuver against the chinese and LG. Unlike OLED where there were so many manufacturing problems along the way, they're hitting the ground running with QD enhanced which will actually be a revenue driver. Then QLED TVs, monitors and general displays being the ultimate displacement of LCD. Jmho.

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