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Journal The Gaytriot's Journal: Dates 3

After about a year with nothing, I went on a few dates last week. One with a girl from the internets called slashgirl, and another with a teacher I met called teacher.

I had a dryspell that lasted about a year, I'd say it was more like two years, but last October I did go out on a blind date. That turned out to suck more than what you'd expect from someone named "Gaytriot."
An acquaintance from school set me up on it, I figured her friend would be the same age as us (20 at the time), but she turned out to be a 17 year old high school senior. Not bad looking, maybe if she'd been mature for her age it would have gone better, but she was like a kid to me. Which was odd, considering she was only just over 2 years younger than me.

Anyways, before that gem of a date, I hadn't been on one since my last girlfriend about a year before that, nor did I really have any interest in it. Then, about a month ago, I decided I'd at least give it a shot; luckily, someone I had been talking to online turned out to be a girl :O. Not only that, but she lived in the same city and we got along pretty well :O :O. We had quite a few of the same interests, and a few different ones (wtf is j-pop? Don't answer, I googled it). We met for dinner a couple weekends ago and it went pretty well, though a little awkward. Despite the obvious awkwardness from meeting someone from the internets in meatspace, I'd really never dated anyone who I didn't already know fairly well and considered a friend (jail bait notwithstanding). Regardless, we'd decided to go out again the next weekend for a movie and then just hang out and do whatever.

Between these dates I started talking to a young teacher (I work for a school district) and a short time later we decided to go out for dinner. She is a couple years older than me (I'm 21 now) and seemed definitely above my league. Of course, my league consists of ditzy high schoolers and girls with mental issues in general, apparently. Still, dating teacher felt like dating a woman as opposed to a girl (and no I didn't actually feel her), whereas slashgirl, despite being almost exactly my age, felt like I was dating someone a bit younger than I. Slasgirl had not experienced quite as much as I have, considering she'd only ever had a job for about 4 months, hadn't started college, and wasn't really doing anything at the moment, in addition to not really having jack in the way of relationships. But, to her credit, she was planning on at least going to college, even if it was just community college, which is fine with me; I don't demand that a potential girlfriend be higher learned, but I would prefer one who isn't a dolt or ditz IN ADDITION TO not being a lying whore.

Teacher, OTOH, already has her masters degree and, obviously a decent job teachering.
(Yes, teachering, for you fuckers that modded me down for my womans comment. FYI, many womans get jobs teachering, including my favorite high school English teacher(er).)
She put me to shame, despite being just two years older than me, she seemed quite a bit more mature. We got along fine, and our date went well enough, but I wonder if she saw me the same way as I saw the high school girl. However, she did know I was only 21 to begin with, and she started it >:(

So anyways... for a short while, I'm absolutely befuddled (and pretty happy) that after a whole lot of nothing I get to go on some dates with a couple of hot girls, but that feeling only lasted a couple of weeks. I'm not sure I'll be dating slashgirl much. I wouldn't mind seeing her again, but she was getting pretty flaky. I don't think I'd want her for anything more than a friend, because I'd like someone who is a little bit more... I'm not sure if mature is the right word, but maybe a little bit closer to my personality at least. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I think teacher is too much woman for me. I'm shy to begin with, I feel a little bit intimidated by her or something. She's good looking, intelligent, and great but I'm not sure if I could really be myself around her. Who knows, though? I wouldn't mind seeing her again, anyways. Feck, I wouldn't mind seeing either of them, for that matter, it definitely beats sitting at home.

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  • What with your user name and all.

    After Evil-X left I was celibate for three years! Then I got with Chris, and made a mortal enemy, as she was living with some guy. It's funny, I've run across a few women who are into younger guys lately; Chris was 49 at the time and living with a 30 year old (who of course hates my guts).

    Tami's 42, her husband's 28.

    Star's 27, when I had sex with her it made me feel like a pedophile. I won't be with her again, because of that as well as the fact that she and that black girl

    • Nope, and I don't really know why I decided to go with this user name either... Hehe, I signed up for a dating site a few weeks ago with the same name, too, so I wonder what kind of effect that has?

      But anyways, teacher probably would be a pretty good match, or any intelligent woman for that matter. Add on to that trait the fact that she is completely independent and all around a decent person and you have a real winner.
      But I can't say that I know many women who go for younger guys, it must be something for

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        I signed up for a dating site once, and was astounded that I got a shitload of replies - all from MEN. Checking my profile I found a big "oops" - I'd mistakenly checked "female" rather than "male". These dimwits responded despite my picture (and I'm far from feminine looking).

        So if I were you, I'd can those dating sites and use a different name for them. I got few enough bites (but then again I'm not young any more either) as it was; I only met one woman in the flesh, and GOD but was she fugly!

        The only whor

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.