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Comment Re: I wonder... (Score 1) 169

CSB - I just taught a Kodi class to 50 adults who wanted it bad enough to demand that it be an authorized use of their continuing education funding. I didn't campaign for it and I didn't specially discuss anything more dubious than the Fusion Installer and Kodimaster repos. They can figure out Exodus and Sportsdevil on their own, but they were still glad to get the class.

Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 4, Insightful) 267

Being a big business doesn't make it something most people can relate to. A judge and jury aren't likely to relate well to some issue with some tractor, the idea someone sold a car and then subsequently vandalized it and rendered it inoperable because they didn't like how the buyer used it... that they can understand. They likely own zero tractors and two cars a piece.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 880

"There is no way you would be able to create money fast enough without sending the entire economy into a tailspin."

Based on what? The fed gave banks trillions in created money before they even informed the government of housing crisis. We don't know how much money they create in a typical year, because they are a private bank with no reporting obligation, we only know about that year because they were forced to turn over the information by government on a one off basis. We are currently at risk of deflation, which is dramatically worse than inflation with our fiat currency. We've just erased trillions of dollars in phantom debt through refinancing, and we are just beginning to feel the impact through slowing growth.

Taxation would have to play it's part, money generated at the fed tap is still a loan with some nominal interest but the dollars it is paid back with are worth less than the dollars borrowed thanks to inflation. I've proposed a UBI equivalent to a 40 hour workweek at $15/hr. That is $31,200. That requires $78 worth of interest at the current rate while inflation will devalue it a little more like $312 in the same period. Now say that goes to someone who makes that same amount currently, even if you don't tax the UBI itself but still factor it for determining tax bracket for the rest of the income, that will someone will have their remaining $31,200 taxed at a 10% higher rate, generating $3,120 in extra tax revenue. For the person this a very good deal, paying $3,120 for $31,200 is a no brainer while recouping 40 years worth of interest on that loan. As a nation we need to make up that $31,200 in economic growth at some point in the next 400 years along with covering interest to break even. If that individual by virtue of having another $28,080 to play with manages to be able to put 10% in their retirement account we'll get that value back in 10 years not 400.

It's actually a perfect marriage of conservative and liberal economics. You put free flowing cash in the hands of the people and this enables them to spend and invest that money creating economic growth. The additional inflation creates a built in (if small) tax on all existing money including billions sitting in a bank or held in a business by warren buffet using tax loopholes which is how we actually pay for it. Which means the wealthy can't merely sit on their laurels, they at least have to take greater risks leading to greater rewards to maintain their wealth. Enables greater investment by the middle class means the benefits of our corporations globalizing is better distributed among our population as our middle class is able to invest more and more in the stock of those corporations and owns a bigger piece of them. While jobs moved overseas the growing profits will remain here and offset that lost income.

It doesn't really matter how much you grow or shrink the number, the math works out the same we can float a massive number on UBI and it won't change anything.

Additionally, having a real and substantial UBI set at minimum wage levels will eliminate the need for the minimum wage. This would allow our food production and unskilled services to remain inexpensive while improving the lives of those who work there. Limiting UBI to existing citizens and their descendants would even allow us to easily legalize all the illegal immigrants and open borders without worries about disrupting food supply costs and job availability.

Comment Late-Breaking News from the Council: WTF G'RANEE? (Score 2) 242

>K'Breel was deposed and executed after his repeated failures in repelling the Terran aggressor. We don't speak of him. All hail mighty G'Ranee, Supreme Leader for Life!

LATE-BREAKING NEWS FROM THE COUNCIL: VICTORY! The Council of Elders has confirmed the blueworlders' resumption of aggression upon our noble red sands. K'Breel, Speaker for the Council of Elders, addressed the planet thusly: OKAY. Okay, so I'm K'Breel (even though anyone on Slashdot can assume the mantle merely by declaring themselves Speaker for the Council), and I'm late, but I'm merely chronologically late, not as in the Late Second Adjunctant to the Council Formerly Known As G'Ranee.

But domestic politics is beneath us tonight -- just take a glance at the blue world beneath us for a look at how bad that can get -- and let us focus on what's important: over the past sol or so, our Planetary Defense Force has been so good at pre-emptively distracting the blueworlders with tasks like landing comets, grabbing their prospective mates by their genitals, low-planetary orbit missions, and just general tribal infighting that we haven't had to shoot down any robotic invaders in quite some time. But when the opportunity presents itself, we take advantage of it, and so, we did. Hence the trivial elimination of yet another putative invader from elsewhere. We'd do it every day, except that the blueworlders lack the gelsacular fortitude to send us more targets. Now as to gelsacular fortitude, on to Second Adjunctant G'Ranee...

When a junior reporter pointed out that the destroyed invader was merely a technology demonstrator built on the cheap to see if a landing was possible, and that the blueworlders' actual payload was safely in orbit, K'Breel had the reporter's gelsacs launched into orbit alongside those of G'Ranee for a closer look.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 406

However, taking ALL of the data into account ( from all sides ), you can start to get a clearer picture of what's really going on.

Argument to moderation. You are assuming both sides are equally trustworthy (or non-trustworthy) and are basically symmetrical in their levels of manipulation. For example, Group A might be withholding information. Group B might be providing false information. The truth, therefore, is not somewhere between partial and wrong information.

That kind of thinking is exactly what makes propaganda effective. Congratulations on being a stooge.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 3, Insightful) 880

Money actually does magically appear. Our entire economic system is based on inflation. New money is created from magic fairy dust (or printed by the treasury in the case of paper money) it is loaned, nearly for free, to banks by the federal reserve. The federal reserve is a private bank who can create digital money at will and buy paper money at printing cost (less than 50 cents for a hundred dollar bill) and loan it to anyone they like while keeping all details secret. The banks borrowing must have a fraction of their outstanding funds in holdings at any given time but that doesn't really limit them because they can basically just deposit what they borrowed and then borrow against that at the next accounting. The only real throttle on the banks is the fed rate, if you increase it, they will increase their interest yet more which means less people take out loans, refi, etc.

With deflationary money, the money itself increases in value as the economy grows this means you need to use smaller and smaller units to enable trade and the pressure to spend equates to need/greed either you need things bad enough you have to spend or you are greedy to reap profits at higher than the rate of deflation. With inflationary money (like ours), the pressure comes from injecting new money into the system, devaluing all existing currency which means you constantly have to get more in order to break even. That new money has to come from somewhere, currently we give it all to the wealthiest people who need it the least, I'm proposing we first use that money for the UBI and then let the banks have what is left the old fashioned with a fed determined higher interest rate.

Comment Re: Alternative (Score 5, Interesting) 880

You seem to be confusing the top 1% by income with the top 0.1% by wealth. Two entirely different animals and a massive gap. Working Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers are in the top 1% by income the top 0.1% don't do any work, they just scrape wealth off the top in interest, loan it back to the people who do all the work, rinse and repeat. They contribute no more than a drunk bum on a street corner, less, that guy might pick up cans or work in a shelter every now and then but they consume dramatically more than anyone else (although they pay far less than anyone else would because of the leverage of wealth).

Also, the top 10% by income pays half the taxes, not the top 1% or the top 0.1%. Warren Buffet is a good example, his income is billions and according to the tax statement he just released he got his adjusted gross income down to about $11 million on which he only paid $1.5m in taxes. The doctors actually contributing to society working in even one small hospital pay more tax than that guy. Remove the top 0.1% from the equation and you likely won't see a big drop in the portion of taxes paid by the top 10% but take away their wealth and you'll see a massive drop in the portion of the nations wealth held by the top 10%.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 0) 880

Thinking of UBI as a form of assistance is the problem. This impacts the entire portion of the population that contributes anything to society now. Both the bottom and the top are populated with drains on society with the top being the largest drains.

Most of the jobs being eliminated aren't low wage jobs, they are some of the most skilled and highest paying jobs.

Either you are part of the 0.01% by wealth (in which case 99.99% of us have conflicting interests and don't care what you think) or you are likely incorrectly thinking this should be paid for with taxes. The correct way to fund a real UBI (which would be closer to a full time job at $15/hr for everyone, not a welfare level payment) would be at the fed tap. Currently we only use the fed tap for generating money for banks which can borrow as much as they like far below real inflation rates. Currently we are near deflation so there is plenty of room. If inflation starts to become an issue the fed rate get raised, which makes money more expensive to borrow. This is not the biggest issue in the world because people will have more cash.

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