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Comment Re:What if you want to keep it? (Score 1) 252

They say that you can mark it, highlight it, etc. But unless someone is going to put bookmarks, post-its, and highlighting in the electronic text in EXACTLY the same spots as you, the electronic version is not as good of a reference item as the text that you used to learn the material in the manner that works best for you.

--The FNP

Comment Re:The only question left? (Score 2) 236

Right now, the ONLY thing that is preventing me from getting a Tesla is that I have to travel longer than 500 miles a few times a year, and renting a car for a week, three times a year is too expensive an option

OK, so the serious answer is that in a decade, when someone wants to get rid of their Tesla and get the latest model, you will look at it, and decide that since you still have to occasionally rent a car a couple times a year, that you will have to spend more than $1000 per year on it and so therefore you are not interested.

I understand wanting to save money on the car, but that still doesn't bring a $90k vehicle down into the $1k per year range. On the other hand, for the last several years, I have deducted over $10k per year in vehicle expenses, while driving vehicles that cost me less than $6k (and last for several years). My point is that the gas savings should be a much bigger piece of the pie than the measly $1k per year of a rental. When I spend way more in gas, than I do for the vehicle, anything to reduce that becomes a possibility.

Once the Teslas enter the used market, I'm going to be seriously looking at them, but by then, I'll also be VERY concerned with how much life the battery packs have left.

--The FNP

Comment Re:Sums it up (Score 3, Insightful) 363

If they have 6000 solar panel connections at $5 per month: 10 1/3 years to repay $3.7 M. (Or with 60,000 solar connections, just over 1 year.) Since the utilities have to look decades into the future in order to make sure they can be profitable then too, its a small price to pay.

Plus, who's to say it stays at $5/mo.

--The FNP

Comment Fanbois are waiting with antici ----- pation! (Score 1) 116

It's not so much that this is a slow news days, but that with the new iPhone announcement in less than two weeks, the Mac Fanbois (and Fangirls) are waiting to see how much they are going to have to spend on the new latest greatest iDevice (now with cheese grating apps). This announcement means that they can save 200 - 300 out of the thousand they could spend on the new device, new cases, new screen protectors, all the other new accessories, carrier ETF, new apps, etc.

--The FNP

Comment Re:Unexplained Achievement "The Maker"? (Score 1) 1582

yeah, what about those of us who
a) don't play WoW;
b) have a girlfriend;
c) don't live in our parents' basement;
d) take regular showers;
e) less than 40% of our body weight is excess Cheetos and Jolt;
f) can actually have "normal conversations" with non-techies.
g) et cetera . . . . .

Is this achievement system designed to make us revert to wearing pocket protectors?

--The FNP

Comment Re:NewYorkCountryLawyer (Score 5, Interesting) 73

Because those of us who have been following along with the RIAA and MPAA and Pirate Bay and Microsoft and Psystar and the EFF and Apple and AT&T and Verizon and Comcast and every other technologically relevant entity who can hire a lawyer and a PR person has now given us a basic understanding of the way these cases work.

Ray may have already helped me skip the first year of law school, just because of the sheer volume of information he has provided to the /.ers who have been paying attention. If you're new here, read his blog archives and get an idea of what he's already contributed to the community.

--The FNP

P.S. I apologize for feeding the A.C., but I've got Karma to burn.

Comment Re:Election Fraud (Score 4, Insightful) 494

They could have been caught much sooner if the machines had been using a paper trail. My local machines print out each selection as it is made. Then if at the ballot review screen I change a vote, then it prints that on the paper trail. So if even 10% of the paper trails from a single precinct shows significant and consistent changes at the review screen, that's a huge red flag!

If the machine had a paper trail, the 2002 election could have been the only one that was affected. And the 2004 and 2006 elections would have been unaffected. As it is, it took over three election cycles to catch these guys, ***BECAUSE THERE WAS NO PAPER TRAIL***.

As for the question of how did they catch these guys, there are any number of methods, including, the wrong person talking; or an actually smart and observant voter who was waiting in line and noticed that they were given incorrect instructions and the poll workers seemed to be spending a lot of time in the booths after each voter; or a candidate being asked for bribe money; or a poll worker being approached to join the scam; etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam . . .

So the people who say that the voting machines will always reflect the will of the voter are idiots. I don't think that the machines need to be fully open source, but they need to be certifiably as secure as possible and part of that includes independent penetration testing and a paper trail ***AND PAPER TRAILS SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW***

--The FNP

Comment Re:Election Fraud (Score 2, Informative) 494

Right, because this wouldn't confuse the poor bastards in KY who couldn't even follow the directions on the screen after they pushed the "Vote" button that clearly told them that they had to push the "Cast Ballot" button too.

I'm fine with not having a receipt (except for my collection of "I voted" stickers) , but my polling place has ES&S machines with the additional paper trail module, and yes, I do check the paper trail after each selection.

--The FNP

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