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Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1, Interesting) 222

You didn't even read to the end of the summary, it seems. The problem is they are not suing over the mistake made by the clinic, but that the child has the wrong genes. Suing the clinic over medical malpractice is fine, but the couple has sued for a completely different formulation of the problem.

Comment Re:Defund NPR (Score 1) 108

There's a lot of promise to stem cells, which is why I don't think government should heavily regulate stem cell RESEARCH. But this isn't research. This is people making untested claims and duping people who can not possibly be informed into paying money for shonky treatment. There's no corrective action that can reverse blindness, as I understand it.

Comment Re:Seems on PAR for IBM (Score 1) 60

ClearCase started out as Rational products that got bought by IBM. Rational products just suck in both concept and implementation. IBM just snaps up companies and then screw over the developers until they leave or RA'd. Then they sell it off to companies like HCL because they didn't know what to do with the products they acquired.

Comment Re:Testing (Score 1) 1001

Yeah? And if you've been doing Python full time, you'd also remember how to make a class, make a generator, do list comprehensions etc etc etc. Testing someone for "length of string" is a MEANINGLESS test that's a waste of time. Testing trivia is pointless and makes you look like a tool who doesn't know how to create meaningful tests.

You've proven my point that you don't really understand what you're testing for. You THINK you're testing for liars, but you're not. There are much better ways to test for liars that aren't completely irrelevant. It's like people who write classes, then writes public setters and getters for everything, and writes stupid tests to test that they work, as though that in any way assures quality.

Just goes to show most programmers are horrible testers and don't know what actually constitutes a good test or not.

Comment Re:Testing (Score 1) 1001

I find premature automation to be just as bad as premature optimization. My biggest peeve about testing is not being able to run tests on their own without having to install a whole bunch of stuff first. And then you get thousands of meaningless tests that are only there to make the numbers look good but which don't actually provide any quality assurance.

Comment Testing (Score 2) 1001

I don't get the impression most interviewers know what they are looking for. Just like with software, testing in general is hard. You have to understand what you're really testing for and whether your tests actually tests for those qualities and rules out anti-qualities.

I find it hard to take anyone who thinks these coding tests really test for anything.

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