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Comment Lost cause (Score 1) 120

I'm all for conservation of species, but it seems to me this is just the symptom. Save the cheetah, then what next? Many species are being driven to extinction as well. You can artificially inflate the numbers by pouring lots of money into breeding programs like the Chinese have done with pandas, but that does nothing for the underlying causes.

Comment Re:Also, the native language sucks (Score 2) 219

You've confused familiarity and preference with fact.
What's a "useful language"? Was there some committee where that was decided? If you grew up where tone was a part of the meaning, you'd have no problems. Just because you lack to capacity to imagine someone with that ability doesn't make it not useful.
Who said "Western Music" is endlessly better? What is Western Music? Does Bjork count as Western Music? A lot of Westerners hates her music. Is Blues and Jazz Western Music, even though they come from black slaves, and often derided by the "elite" classes?

Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 1) 76

The problem with Trump is really with his supporters and the people he put in charge, and that his supporters have no problem with. His supporters that I have had the displeasure of coming across have no problem saying that people with different political opinions are traitors who need to be deported or jailed. He's put anti-net neutrality people in charge of the FCC. And Trump will be in a position to stack the Supreme Court with his choices who would probably be worse than Scalia in their blatant partisanship and hypocrisy.

Trump has even said that the internet needs more censorship, and that did not hurt his election chances at all.

As for Congress - the Republicans own both houses now. Republicans who were able to get in because of people who voted for Trump knowing of his positions. I doubt Congress would be ineffective at all at steamrolling existing rights with that kind of control.

Comment Incorrect (Score 1, Interesting) 76

I'm pretty sure they do know about it. Some of them accept it. Some of them are even for it.

Not everything about the Chinese internet is "say something wrong and you'll immediately be sent to a labour camp". Letting people vent but limiting their effective range to zero is much more efficient at quieting dissent.

Even the US government is trying very hard to follow in China's footsteps.

Comment Re:There Is No Rivalry (Score 1) 265

Yeah, because we've never sent anything to Mars before. Tell me about something that is not just a cheaper version of something that's already been done. I'm talking about LEADING the way. It's much easier to do something once the costs and issues are known and you can estimate profits - and Mars is well known. Still waiting on corporations doing something completely unknown.

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