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Comment Re: Sweet (Score 2) 286

If you use any part of the standard C++ library, you're using templates. And if you're not using iterators, I'd expect you're writing too many error-prone loops that are already implemented by the STL algorithms. If you're using any form of smart pointer, you're using template. If you're not using a smart pointer or an STL container, you most probably have leaks. And you're definitely not using lambda functions which are useful in any language.

The idea that Java and C programmers should be able to read the code is ridiculous, not least of which Java recently just got its own version of lambda functions and streams API. Programs should not be written in a dumbed down subset of ANY language for the lowest denominator. There comes a point where you simply must learn the advanced or new parts of a language, be it C++ or Java or Javascript, nowadays. In the case of those three languages, the new parts added in recent years simplify what was previously complicated code. By sticking to an old subset, you are actually keeping your code more complicated than it needs to be.

Rejecting a new keyword makes sense. It doesn't reveal any bad design. Adding new keywords increases the risk of breaking existing code that uses common English words. Not many people want to appreciate this, it seems. You can't in one breath criticize C++ for being complicated at the same time as criticizing it for not complicating things with new keywords.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Informative) 220

It took so long because the signal is mind-bogglingly weak. No detector was sensitive enough or well designed enough to rule out false positives. The LIGO experiment is much more sensitive and a lot of effort put in to detect false positives (including some social engineering). The detectors also underwent a very extensive testing phase before they were considered ready. We also weren't sure how frequent these events were, but now we are expecting a few more events.

But, it must be said indirect evidence of gravitational waves already were detected through the observation of two pulsars orbiting and closing in on each other at a rate predicted by the theory.

Comment Re:Inflation, anyone? (Score 1) 1052

The property sector does not add to the economy. It's literally not producing anything. It's about sitting and waiting until market forces produces a favourable price for you and then selling it off. Not only is nothing added to the economy. The inflated selling price actually takes away from the economy because real resources are used to pay for the fantasy that the property has increased in value. The regularity in which the property market bubbles and pops, damaging the economy in the process, undoes any good that adding housing to the economy does, probably more. It's easier to destroy than to create and sustain. Furthermore, adding housing is not in the interest of the property sector because they can only get inflated selling prices by limiting supply, and we see that with the lobbying to make building regulations nonsensical and expensive.

The credit crisis was precisely about people who could have lived on a UBI, but were instead sold an impossible real estate riches scheme. I don't blame them for being taken in. I blame the fantasy selling machine - they had to believe their own fairy tale.

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