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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 308

Really? Tell us which other president had to endure questions over his birth, and even after producing undeniable evidence? Tell us which other president gets accused of being a Muslim? The only one I could think comes closest is Kennedy, but even his Catholicism didn't get used as a suggestion he couldn't be president in a country that supposedly bans religious tests for public office.

I bet almost everyone of you would quit your job if someone at work (who you can't get fired) kept hounding you over things completely unrelated to your work, let alone hundreds of people doing that everyday.

Comment Re:He didn't "build" anything (Score 1) 319

That said, if somebody is behaving violently, sometimes that is reason to kill them.

Uh no. Unless they are actually about to kill someone, then no. EVEN IF it looks like another person may get punched a few times, that is still not a reason to kill someone.

If we follow what you just said however, then the cops had no business shooting at the Pulse Nightclub shooter, and they should have just asked him to lay down his weapons and turn himself in.

Only if you're an idiot who can't tell the difference between a positive statement and a negative statement. I only said someone being violent is not a reason to kill them. I never said never kill anyone even if they are violent. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE.

Reflect on it for a minute and then come back and explain to me why you feel that you aren't a racist.

Don't need a minute. What I said isn't racist because I didn't say anything "whites should get what's coming to them".

Your inability to tell the difference between a negative and positive statement is becoming a theme here.

You would consider it racist because you set up a hypocritical position where anyone who points out there is a imbalance between races are racists themselves. But apparently you don't reflect on your statements.

Comment Re:He didn't "build" anything (Score 2) 319

Which explains why cops can just say "they were attacking me" and idiots will believe them without question.

So obviously, you would allow riot control police to just start shooting everyone in the crowd.

It's funny and concerning how so many people are willing to let the police be the judge, jury and executioner.

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