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Comment Re:Figures (Score 0) 148

The debt never went down under Clinton and his budget surplus was an illusion since he raided the SS trust fund to cover the gap. Clinton also presided over a bubble economy and the productivity gains were fake.

Obama may have inherited a bad situation but hasn't done much to right the ship and taxing more and spending more are not the answer. Bashing business isn't going to create jobs and despite the rhetoric of the Democrats, jobs are created either directly or indirectly by wealthy people, poor and middle class people do not create the majority of the jobs. I doubt anyone here would want a job from a poor person anyway.

  He also expanded the war in Afghanistan and there are still thousands of contractors in Iraq.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 1167

Which is how you wind up with 10 year old kids working in coal mines 6 days a week and people cutting each other's throats for jobs (I"ll work for half what he will because my kids are starving").

Right so if Congress just deregulated everything this would totally happen again. You do know Congress was only able to enact child labor laws AFTER there was no longer a need for families to send their children to work.

The available technology back then is no where near what it is today, so processes were much more manual labor intensive then they are now. Unions routinely fight against technology even if it makes the workers more productive under the guise that there will be less jobs. This is ironic since the above market wages that unions demand lead to less people being hired as there is a finite amount of capital that companies can use to hire people.

Comment Dump Student Loans in the US (Score 3, Insightful) 463

The US government doesn't need to tell colleges what majors to have, a market based solution would be much more efficient. Getting rid of student loans would not only would help stop people from majoring in useless degrees but it would lower the cost of tuition as students would no longer be easy sources of cash for the colleges, it would also stop the job requirement inflation. There's a lot of jobs that get posted with bachelor's required or at the very least bachelor's preferred, that do not need a bachelor's degree. It would probably take a number of years for the market to correct that, but eventually there would less people with bachelor degrees and companies would have to lower their requirements.

The way it is these days, the government does not care what major you are going into, or how you'll even pay you're loans back. They don't care either, as it's nearly impossible to discharge student loans, they can garnish your wages, and "private" lender Sallie Mae also owns the collection agency. Unless you are going to never work in the US again, they will get their money back one way or another. No other loans in the US have the kind of protections for the creditor that student loans have. As a result there's no risk assessment done, where their would be if private loans with only the typical protections for loans were the only loans available. The lender would tell the wanna be poetry major to pick a more useful major, or get lost and pay for college themselves.

Comment Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

If the government wasn't siphoning so much money off the private economy (actually the economy, since the private economy is the only wealth generator), investors could fund energy research themselves and it would be more efficient as bad projects wouldn't get funded. The loan to Solyndra is a perfect example of why the government should be not involved. Ethanol subsidies is another example. No one in the private sector would fund these things, and if they did and got burned it affects only those investors, when the government does it, we all get burned.

States could retain control of federally run parks, as they already run state-owned parks.

The Federal Government according to the Constitution isn't suppose to be involved in education. Right now all they do is pass unfunded mandates on the states and if the states don't comply they have their aid taken away. What a great education system we have. The DC school system is the one system that Congress has control over and it's full of violence and under-performance, we'd be in a lot better shape if the Feds got out of the way.

There's no reason the States can not run their own low income housing program.

States own their own roads and bridges now, why would it be any different if the Feds no longer did? You could also privatize them. The argument about tolls is absurd, considering one already pays .50 or more cents to the government per gallon of gas and the money is spent far less wisely.

Ron Paul is the only one out of the GOP candidate and Obama who have seriously looked to reduce the size of government and get the deficit under control. While some may call his plan extreme, they should instead be realizing how big the government has gotten. Once this debt bubble blows, people are going to wish they had voted for Paul instead, because 2008 will look like great times.

Comment Re:oddly everyone's gaming PC still works (Score 1) 738

Some games are Games for Windows branded which means they use Live for multiplayer, and some like GTA IV play side by side with Xbox 360 players.

I've occasionally played some GTA multiplayer the last few weeks on my 360, but I'll occasionally run into PC users who use a mods that give them god mode and fires rockets out of their rifle. It's not fun obviously for the other players.

I've reported these people through the Live complaint system, I don't know if anything will come about it though.

Comment Re:Champions did it too (Score 1) 253

I'm kinda stalled at 29 because of the group instances, but I don't know people. I don't even know where to go for lfg grouping (ala IF). The built in lfg tool seems to be ignored, to the point that when I tried it, trying to send a message to the people in the list showed noone was online. Maybe they were on an alt, I don't know. You would think the interface would send the message to the currently online character.

Sometimes the LFG tool bugs and shows people that are online that really aren't. Also if you are trying to group for a dungeon lower than the highest content your wasting your time. You might be able to but it's sporadic. You might as well keep leveling outside the dungeons as it's much faster.

Next patch is bringing cross-server instance (I'm assuming just the battlegroup like for battlegrounds) and cross-server friends list (could be across all WoW realms, I would think), so that might help this issue.

Comment Re:Poor Summary (Score 3, Interesting) 104

WoW and other gamers are quite easy to make hacking tools to too, but players reporting cheaters to gamemasters and the fact one account costs whole new game limits it goodly.

WoW also has Warden to detect cheating programs and bots. I don't know how effective it is, but unlike some other anti-cheat programs, it shuts off when WoW does, and it doesn't stay on the system if you were to uninstall WoW.

It's also been reported that Blizzard is suspending accounts that are played on machines that they detect have spyware on for 24 hours. It's started happening when they began collecting "Non-identifiable system information" again. They don't won't suspend the account though if you have an authenticator attached to your account.

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