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Comment Re:Gravitational disturbances (Score 1) 141

Your explanation makes the whole "9th planet theory" seems increasingly less plausible. If they are postulating a planet because a few cherry picked examples happened to be orbiting the sun on the same side of the solar system then they are fools. Anyone can cherry pick 8 objects which indicate something when taken in isolation of everything else in the solar system.

Comment Gravitational disturbances (Score 1) 141

So.. the orbits of several comets were disturbed by something large moving through our solar system at some point in the past. While I grant that a large planet is the most mundane explanation.. this could also be caused by either a rogue planet falling into our sun, or.. dare I say.. a very large alien craft moving though our system at some point in the past.

Comment Re:If don't have the source you don't own the devi (Score 1) 196

This is a red herring. If everything you bought was open source, would that INCREASE or DECREASE you level of security? The EULAs I agree to every day are open source, but do I bother reading them? Even if the code was available for every little thing you used, you would still be relying on trust.. or else you would be spending all day fiddling with every little thing.

Phone home functionality can be hidden in the hardware, on a remote server, in a text file, or literally anywhere. The only way to control all your electronics is to make them all yourself, and anyone who even tries doing that is basically living in the stone age.

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