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Comment Re:Adobe (Score 2) 225

Adobe has a lot of products other than Flash. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Flash is taking a long time to die, but Adobe must surely see that the future is in other technologies. They still have their Creative Cloud stuff, web analytics, etc.

Comment Reprogram the G600 (Score 5, Informative) 431

A lot of people are suggesting that the G600 might be reprogrammable, but they all note that they don't have the mouse, so they don't know for sure.

I do.

I just checked it, and you can reprogram the primary mouse buttons to anything you want. You can also set that as the mouse's built-in configuration, so you don't need to use the drivers and the settings will be persistent across computers. Have fun.

Comment Not necessarily subscription-based (Score 1) 570

Everyone is jumping to the conclusion, but I haven't seen any Microsoft statement indicating that. "Free for the first year" could easily mean that it's free if you install it within the first year of release, and after that it will cost money. There's already precedent for this. Windows 8 Pro was $40 for the first year (may have been less, but that's not the point), but went up in price afterward. It was an incentive to get people upgrade, which is exactly what this promotion sounds like.

Comment Re:Lame roundup. (Score 1) 190

No one reasonable would argue that gaming peripheral companies haven't done a lot to make mechanical keyboards much more mainstream than they ever were when it was just Ducky, Filco, etc.

(And yes, I'm quite aware of the scene. I own a Realforce HiPro, a Unicomp, an IBM 6850 beamspring, a Matias Tactile Mini, a MAX Blackbird, and a Poker II with the Granite keyset. My point is simply that the market for mechs is bigger than it's been in ages, thanks to Razer, Corsair, CM, etc.)

Comment Re:I like Zippy keyboards (Score 1) 190

Perhaps I'm misundertanding, but most people don't consider scissor switches to be the same as a mechanical keyboard. You still have a rubber-dome membrane underneath the switch. (Then again, most people consider Topre mechanical, even though that's just a plunger over a rubber dome over a spring. Who cares. Use the keyboard you like.)

Comment Re:Maybe I'm on the edge or something... (Score 1) 190

Just personal preference. Contrary to what many say, not everyone in the world is going to prefer a mechanical keyboard over a rubber-dome one. Use the keyboard you like, not the one that everyone else likes. (And I say this as someone who has six mechanical keyboards and is currently using one on his rMBP to type this comment.)

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