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Comment Re:This is worthless. (Score 1) 539

Well analysed, my first thought was: "And what about the cost of religion?".

I believe it's nigh impossible to claim religion contributes to the economy.
Only maker type and creative industries contribute by increasing the amount of available capital, organised religion is generally just a leech on the economy.

But that doesn't mean religion in the US has no place, due to the typical lack of government support many people on hard times do survive thanks to good congregations.

Comment Re:Myth: Re:They also do the most Charity (Score 2) 539

As a frequent visitor of the US I've learned many people join a religious congregation just for that, have something to fall back on when times get hard.

Something that al but disappeared here in N-W Europe when we installed tax sponsored social help like unemployment benefits, good universal health care and pensions for all.

Submission + - 20 Years of KDE Timeline (

JRiddell writes: KDE is celebrating 20 years as the original and best free software end-user creating community. We are currently in the middle of QtCon, the largest gathering of open development end-user developers ever. The milestones of our project are marked on our 20 Years of KDE timeline. Find out the meetings and releases which defined KDE. Learn about the early and recent KDE gatherings around the world and how the branding has evolved over the years. What was your first KDE release?

Comment KDE is Alive and Kicking! (Score 1) 38

Let this put an end to the silly suggestion that KDE might be dying, we are part of the largest gathering of end-user open developers at the most fancy venue in the centre of Berlin. There are 13 tracks of talks discussing everything from empathy to open web services. KDE is the most friendly and active community you could ever have the pleasure to join, it's just a lot larger than just a desktop these days.

Submission + - QtCon Opens in Berlin

JRiddell writes: A unique coming together of open source communities is happening in Berlin over the next week. QtCon brings together KDE, Qt, VLC and FSF-E to discuss free software, open development, community management and proprietary coding. Live streams of many of the talks are available now. The opening keynote spoke of open data and collaborative coding freeing accessibility information. 13 tracks of talks cover Community, Web, Best practices, Automotive, Mobile and Embedded, Let‘s talk business, Tooling, QtQuick, Multithreading, OpenGL and 3D.

Comment Re:Apple just has temporary advantage (Score 1) 161

Yep, you just listed the proof you're locked in :(.

Apple hardware is good, no question, but their software is no better than others, you can always find certain apps from one side or the other that appeal to a group of people but it doesn't (in)validate a system.
About ease of use, I hate the illogic operation of the companies iPhone 4 and prefer to use my Android, until recently a Nexus4, now a OnePlus 3.
Yes people are different.
The Android market is not fractured (fragmented) but diverse, in genetics as in software an advantage.

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