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Comment Re:Apple just has temporary advantage (Score 1) 161

Yep, you just listed the proof you're locked in :(.

Apple hardware is good, no question, but their software is no better than others, you can always find certain apps from one side or the other that appeal to a group of people but it doesn't (in)validate a system.
About ease of use, I hate the illogic operation of the companies iPhone 4 and prefer to use my Android, until recently a Nexus4, now a OnePlus 3.
Yes people are different.
The Android market is not fractured (fragmented) but diverse, in genetics as in software an advantage.

Comment Re: Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

You keep believing that rental phone comes for free and I have a nice bridge for sale.
Personally I prefer to pay up front for the phone, get a cheap contract and be done with it.
Like now my new OnePlus 3 with a €14 /month contract, calculated over 2-3 years it'll be a lot cheaper than an all-inclusive contract.

Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 1) 512

Accessing the same mail account from multiple devices is easy providing you use IMAP instead (or alongside) of POP.

Many mail client have the option to automatically send an outgoing mail via BCC to, in this case, yourself.
By setting a rule in your Thunderbird you can have these incoming BCC mails moved to the Send box and thus visible on all devises, problem solved.
At least, that's how the GF does it and it works.

Comment Re:is lack of development a problem? (Score 2) 512

Lack of development is a problem when the underlying DE is changed (for good reasons) but development of the applications is not keeping up and they are no longer available on the new platform.
Examples, the KIPI plugins, a couple of nice Plasma Widgets like Quick Access, weather, localize calender etc.

Comment Re:I loved KMail (Score 1) 512

Funny, most of your qualms are about non-default options, meaning you set them up yourself :)
The default install has a menu bar, it comes up in folder view, meaning you can have lots of icons cluttering your desktop, Kmail and Konqueror are there and wobbly windows are an option you need to enable. The fact you mention Konqueror as the file manager shows you've not rum KDE for years as the default file manager is Dolphin.

Comment Re:I love KDE, but I can't use it (Score 1) 512

It must be a very specific combination of hard and software causing this issue as it doesn't show up on my Lenovo, HP and Asus computers.
One difference might be I don't use folder view, I like a clean desktop and instead use hot keys to access applications.

Anyway, you got Martin Gräßlin's attention :)
(Let's see if /. can render these characters)

Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 2) 512

I wouldn't know what to do without a decent mail client like Thunderbird that keeps a local copy and thus allows offline reading and answering.
Access to mail via the web invariably misses options.
As a long time KDE user I'd love to use Kmail, it is solid and like most thing KDE it has a pleasant interface.
But there's just this one issue that doesn't get fixed, I want to specify per sender who's allowed to display html and or pictures, Kmail can only handle it as a global switch, all or none.

The fact Thunderbird is also a nice simple newsreader does help, Knode is an example of dead KDE projects and am using Pan for binaries.

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 2) 512

KDE is more than a desktop, it is a whole bunch of applications that are well integrated.
I left Gnome when I noticed it was so disjointed that it was impossible to copy&paste between applications, something that took many years to fix.
By it's design KDE never had such issues.

Regretfully we've had to go through several major changes with KDE3, to KDE4 and now KDE5, each one leaving a couple of applications and plug-ins in the dust.

There was a time, say 4-8 years ago, developers would jump onto it to convert such applications but it seems to take longer and longer before we users see results.

I'm afraid it's a sort of chicken and egg problem, because there are problems people avoid the DE, because they don't use it any more they stop development.

But with all it's little problems, KDE is still well ahead of the Gnomes and Mates, just look at Dolphin and it's plug-ins, nothing comes close.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 2) 160

The City of Ontario (Yeah I know, not the USofA) is about level with Genoa in Italy (+44deg), Southern Ontario is about level with Rome.
In Europe solar works out fine way up north, I live in a rather rainy = cloudy place at +52deg. and the investment it pays back in around 7 years.
That's better than the bank who pays 0.5%.BR> But remember in Europe we have high taxes on energy, something we don't pay on our own generation.

Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 1) 993

Democracy in the US is a funny thing. You don't want to follow the money, you don't want to spend too much time thinking about the effective two-party system, and you don't want to reflect on the meaning of your choices boiling down to an empire-building felon and an equally empire-building megalomaniacal moral vacuum.

But Hillary seems to be the best of the choices because Trump manages to look like a bit of a dick wherever he goes. I particularly found him funny when he waltzed into Scotland, where people hate him anyhow on account of some, eh, real estate decisions, on the day of the Brexit, and said how wonderful the democratic process is while standing on soil inhabited by 70% nay-sayers who seem to be unhappy about their English overlords for the past 700 years.

If anyone ever deserved the moniker "You insensitive Clod", he'd be the prime candidate.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 461

As with any section of the population there will be criminals among the refugees and economic immigrants.
It is open for debate if the percentage is higher than in the original population and no, they don't suck up 'huge amounts of public money'.

The problem lies more with the economic immigrants abusing the asylum systems to gain entry.
The immigrant problem the likes of Boris complains about (other EU citizen) is a non-problem, mainly caused by too low wages, too little housing and too generous benefits in the UK, all problems caused and maintained by his Tory government, not Brussels.
As the UK (the über-Tory Maggie Thatcher!) had signed up to the EU including the free movement of capital and persons these people should not even be called immigrants.

Although I'm right now in the UK I am living in The Netherlands and I can tell you the people he is complaining about are net contributors to the UK economy, not leaching on it's benefits, similar can be said about the Hispanic immigrants to the US that Trump rallies against, like without them the average American lawn would be a wilderness.
Those that Wilders and le Pen are afraid of (immigrants from Africa and the Middle East) need better chances at integration, including more pressure on them to actually integrate or else be send home.

Another EU problem is when we tore down the internal borders we conveniently 'forgot' to transfer part of the thus generated monies to a joint border protection on the outside. Brussels would like such but the individual member states are reluctant.

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