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Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 455

As with any section of the population there will be criminals among the refugees and economic immigrants.
It is open for debate if the percentage is higher than in the original population and no, they don't suck up 'huge amounts of public money'.

The problem lies more with the economic immigrants abusing the asylum systems to gain entry.
The immigrant problem the likes of Boris complains about (other EU citizen) is a non-problem, mainly caused by too low wages, too little housing and too generous benefits in the UK, all problems caused and maintained by his Tory government, not Brussels.
As the UK (the über-Tory Maggie Thatcher!) had signed up to the EU including the free movement of capital and persons these people should not even be called immigrants.

Although I'm right now in the UK I am living in The Netherlands and I can tell you the people he is complaining about are net contributors to the UK economy, not leaching on it's benefits, similar can be said about the Hispanic immigrants to the US that Trump rallies against, like without them the average American lawn would be a wilderness.
Those that Wilders and le Pen are afraid of (immigrants from Africa and the Middle East) need better chances at integration, including more pressure on them to actually integrate or else be send home.

Another EU problem is when we tore down the internal borders we conveniently 'forgot' to transfer part of the thus generated monies to a joint border protection on the outside. Brussels would like such but the individual member states are reluctant.

Comment Re:My illusions have been shattered (Score 1) 282

Have a look around the net and you'll find many reports similar to this one:

(CNN)Racial abuse is on the rise in post-Brexit Britain, a Conservative British MP said as police confirmed they were investigating several racially motivated crimes.
Anti-immigrant leaflets saying "Leave the EU - no more Polish vermin" were put on cars near a school, local police said, the day after the country voted to leave the European Union.

On Sunday, the Polish Social and Cultural Association in Hammersmith, west London, was allegedly vandalized with a racist slogan.

Comment Re:Oh this is cute. (Score 1) 194

It is a well tested legal principle you can't change existing contracts unless all parties involved agree.
Now you could imagine the government amends the contracts in a way the telco's like and agree with but that's not enough, consumer organisations would have a good chance of challenging such an anti-consumer amendment in court.

(BTW, sorry for misspelling council in the OP)

Comment Re:Oh this is cute. (Score 1) 194

Ignorance eh?
Yes sure the EU could change the rules of the game but that doesn't fly well with either the member countries ("The Counsel") or the EU parliament.
Maybe you should learn on how agreement is reached in The Counsel, they would need a double majority (Number of member states + 66-74% of the relative population), something impossible with what these conniving telco's are suggesting.

Besides, changing a contract after it was signed is only applicable for new contracts, the existing contracts are excluded from the change, something that would really bite those complaining :)

Comment Re:Oh this is cute. (Score 1) 194

Uhhh, no the EU has not issued licenses, all the EU does is assure a level playing field between countries.
Licenses are handed out (sold for good money) by the individual member countries.
Alone the fact these telcos are offering such good money is proof they believe it'll make them money by following the known net neutrality rules, they just want to burn the candle from both ends, the subscriber/consumer and also those with the content.

Comment Re:um (Score 1) 634

Surprise, I was around all these years during which Europe slowly build up treaty after treaty to what is now the EU.
Except for the UK government very few complained, it was and it is a damn good idea to bring together people that live so closely together and have a similar culture.
Yes even though there is diversity these present 28 countries do have a closely related culture compared to Africa or Asia.
Your idea of Merkel importing Jew haters is preposterous and to suggest such is beyond the pale.

Remember that in 1946 even Churchill called for a United States of Europe, we were very much used to that idea but also knew it would need a careful and thus slow build up, it was only later that extreme left and right wingers (like Margaret Thacher was and Corbyn looks like he is) started to moan because they saw they were losing the chance to achieve their own goals.

The anti-EU groups are without exception playing the populist card instilling fear for something unknown and like Boris and Nigel shamelessly bending the truth.

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