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Submission + - Deutsche Telekom Moves Email Traffic In-Country in Wake of PRISM (

kdryer39 writes: Germany's leading telecom provider has announced on Friday that it will only being using German servers to handle any email traffic over it's systems, citing privacy concerns arising from the recent PRISM leak and it's 'public outrage over U.S. spy programs accessing citizens' private messages.' In a related move, DT has also announced that they will be providing email services over SSL to further secure their customers' communications.

Sandro Gaycken, a professor of cyber security at Berlin's Free University, said 'This will make a big difference...Of course the NSA could still break in if they wanted to, but the mass encryption of emails would make it harder and more expensive for them to do so.'


Submission + - Double Jeopardy Loophole: Anthony Can Be Re-Tried (

Mortamer2k writes: "To recap: we have a Florida prosecution in a Florida Court for Florida crimes. Because the Supreme Court has decreed that the United States has its own interest in prosecuting violations of its laws, Casey Anthony may not be safe from a re-trial for murder by a federal prosecutor in a federal court for federal crimes." Double Jeopardy does not apply just because it is the same "criminal conduct" because the state is a sovereign and distinct government from the federal government.

Submission + - Web Browser Grand Prix 5: Opera 11.50, Firefox 5, (

BuckCut writes: Opera 11.50, Firefox 5, and Chrome 12 have been released and the benchmark results are in. This article compares all three, plus IE9 and Safari 5.05, too. Just about every aspect of Web browser performance is covered: startup time, page load time, render accuracy, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, HTML5, hardware acceleration, WebGL, Flash, Java, Silverlight, memory use, battery life, and standards testing in several areas. The placing tables show how the browsers stand in relation to each other, and the table at the end gives a nice view of how each browser stacks up in different categories of testing. Their benchmark suite is pretty complete, and up to date with newer tests like Kraken and JSGameBench. The combined "grade" for standards conformance is a nice touch, and the proper page load reliability measure is also a highlight (both something I haven't seen before).

Submission + - Dutch ISP calls on government to mandate fair onli ( 3

Chi-RAV writes: Dutch ISP XS4ALL has started a civil initiative, in which the call upon the Dutch government to create a law, concerning digital distribution of movies and music.

We therefore ask

The House to prepare a bill regarding the use of film and music over the Internet.Under the bill rightholders of film and musical works (the movie and music industry) are to be required to make all their film and music works available on the Internet in a way that enables Internet users to see and listen to such works whenever and wherever they wish. The timing of the making available of a film or musical work shall coincide with the timing of its distribution on physical media. Convenience and quality are at least equal to the usability and quality of other forms of publication. Rightholders shall receive fair compensation for such use.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Fuel efficiency and driving slow (

vile8 writes: With the high gas prices and ongoing gas gouging in my hometown many people are trying to find a reasonable way to save gas. One of the things I've noticed is people driving exceptionally slow, 30mph in 45mph zones etc... so I had to take a quick look and find out if driving slow is helpful in getting better mileage. I know horsepower increases substantially with wind resistance, but with charts like the ones from it appears mileage is actually about the same between 27mph and 58mph or so. So I'm curious what all the drivers out there with the cool efficiency computers are getting... of specific interest would be the hemi's with MDS, how do those do with the cylinder shutoff mode at different mph rates?

Submission + - Bad week at the office for Microsoft UK ( 1

00_NOP writes: This hasn't been a great week for Microsoft in the UK. They've had to surrender to the EU over a lost court case, they've seen the biggest reatiler in the Uk start selling Linux boxes and now the UK's official adviser to schools has reported them to the regulators over Vista and Office 2007 licencing tactics. Start of the slide, or just a blip?

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