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Comment Re:films only need to be rated if they're in theat (Score 1) 208

Well I am an American so the US ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R) are the only ratings I'm really familiar with. Are you suggesting it works differently in different countries? I would expect in every country that ratings are done by an independent third party because the idea of people rating themselves seems laughable. I mean, if people could rate their own movies, then why not have every porn movie be self-rated to the equivalent of G? Ratings are meaningless if they're done by yourself.

Comment films only need to be rated if they're in theaters (Score 4, Insightful) 208

Films only need to be rated if they're in theaters and even then they're not rated by the film's producer but rather by the MPAA, which isn't a free service. Home videos, as an example, pretty much never receive MPAA ratings.

If you require websites get rated by an independent third party you make it a lot more expensive to launch a website. So much so that unless you're in it for the money it probably wouldn't be cost effective to actually do it. I mean, if they wanted to create a search engine that only shows sites that have been rated, that'd be one thing, but to expect the whole of the internet to be rated is naive

And what happens if the content of the site changes? Does every wikipedia editor need to pay $100 to have their addition of a semi-colon reviewed by this hypothetical MPAA-like agency?

Comment Re:Label it then (Score 1) 470

I don't know that letting people say their food is "GMO-free" is much better as that's kinda implying that GMO is a bad thing. It's like tropical oils. In the 1980's a marketing company, working for the American soybean industry, got foods made with soybean oil (instead of tropical oils) to say "contains no tropical oils", as though tropical oils are a bad thing. They were playing on the fact that a lot of foods already do this for other things. eg. "contains no msg", etc.

Anyway, the FTC shut that down quick:

Comment The UBI ignores human nature (Score 3, Interesting) 1116

Quoting The UBI ignores human nature,

The problem with a UBI is that it is (in theory) supposed to replace the multitude of payments through various government social programs with a single check or debit card given to every recipient every month, at which point the various government agencies that administer housing, food stamps, etc., can be shut down. Government bureaucracies never shutter themselves voluntarily, and it won't happen with a UBI, either.

The UBI operates under the assumption that everyone manages money in a rational manner, which is completely at odds with actual experience. Many people will take their UBI and immediately spend it on drugs, alcohol, gambling, or bling, while ignoring the monthly rent, the electric bill, buying groceries for the children, etc. Others will be cheated out of their money by criminals or even other family members. So do we let those families starve or get evicted because the heads of household are incapable of managing money for themselves or their dependents?

Of course not. Those people will need to be helped (sarcasm intended). So the various government agencies will continue to expand and spend even more money on housing, food, medical care, etc. The UBI won't even make a dent in entitlement budgets. Instead, it will become "free money" to be squandered on a thousand other things besides basic human needs.

Anyone who doesn't think it won't happen need only look at inner city schools in the U.S. In theory, every child should be getting meals at home thanks to government SNAP benefits to their parents or guardians. In practice, schools give many kids a free breakfast and lunch every school day, and even give them food bags to take home for the weekend, because Mom or Dad can't be bothered to buy food for the kids with the SNAP money. Where does the money go? No one knows or even attempts to find out. They just give the kids free food and cross their fingers.

The UBI will not change human nature. It will instead become one of the biggest entitlement boondoggles in the history of civilization.

Comment Re:Nah! (Score 1) 184

Reminds me of this post:

if you have a galaxy at the center of a collapsing black hole, and are in the galaxy, you cannot tell the difference between that event and a big bang. Moreover, once the SC-radius has formed, you cannot tell whether you are inside the black hole, or outside it as the rest of the universe collapses into it's own black hole. Moreover, because light that goes out from the universe / black hole gets redirected back inwards, you cannot tell the boundary of a black hole from the boundary of a universe. They are, by dual definition, identical.

Comment Re:Black box data streaming (Score 1) 503

Quoting the American Airlines website,

Domestic Wi-Fi is now available on nearly all flights within the U.S.

The following URL breaks it down even more by the various airlines:

Sufficient to say, wifi on US flights isn't that uncommon. And unlike you, I've never had wifi on any of my flights over Europe or Asia.

Comment Re:Black box data streaming (Score 2) 503

My guess is cost. Sending data via satellite is very expensive, and there's a lot of data recorded. As for ground stations, I'm not aware of any plane-to-ground data communications currently in use (other than radio for voice) so that would need a completely new infrastructure built.

Quoting's entry on Gogo Inflight Internet,

Air-To-Ground (ATG) Gogo's ATG network is a cellular based network that has more than 160 towers in the continental U.S., Alaska and soon, Canada. The towers are cellphone towers that have been outfitted to point their signals at the sky rather than along the ground. The aircraft picks up the signal through a receiver installed on its underside. When it reaches the aircraft, the data signal is distributed throughout the cabin via a Wi-Fi system.

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