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Comment Re:Keep working hard kids (Score 5, Informative) 183

Actually, about 65% of what US consumers buy is made in the US. It is a myth that nothing is made here. It's mostly the clothing and consumer electronics and other cheap plastic shit which are so completely outsourced.

"Thirty years ago, U.S. producers made 80 percent of what the country consumed, according to the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI, an industry trade group. Now it is about 65 percent."

Submission + - Best Buy's Net Income Down 30% (wsj.com)

nauseum_dot writes: Best Buy has had decreased profit over the last year. It appears that its online strategy coupled with its Brick and Mortar stores is causing it to be no longer profitable. From the article "its signature stores are still struggling to adapt to the changes in the electronics market, and analysts worry many of them have become 'showrooms' for merchandise that consumers wind up purchasing online from competitors such as Amazon." Do you think Brick and Mortar can survive in the online only world? Without Best Buy, where can fellow Slashdotter's try it before they buy it?

Submission + - Windows 8 Developer Preview to be released later t (msdn.com)

Retron writes: Although various leaked versions of Windows 8 have been floating around the Net for the past few months, Microsoft will release an official developer preview later today. The options include x86, x64 and x64 with developer tools and sample applications, all in ISO format. Upgrades from Windows 7 aren't supported, so best to use a VM or spare partition.

Submission + - Intel turns heads with solar-powered CPU (pcpro.co.uk)

nk497 writes: "Intel unveiled a host of news at IDF today — a tie-up with Android, 22nm details — but the demo that turned the most heads was a CPU powered entirely by solar energy, a pair of desktop lamps in this case. CEO Paul Otellini said the demo was a lab experiment and wasn't likely to make its way into a product any time soon, but highlighted the progress made with alternative energy and lower power consumption in chips. "A Pentium-class processor running on solar, that was unheard of even six months ago,” he told IDF delegates."

Submission + - The Past, Present and Future of Software Security (threatpost.com)

Gunkerty Jeb writes: Perhaps no segment of the security industry has evolved more in the last decade than the discipline of software security. At the start of the 2000s, software security was a small, arcane field that often was confused with security software. But several things happened in the early part of the decade that set in motion a major shift in the way people built software: the publication of Bill Gates's Trustworthy Computing memo, the release of Building Secure Software and Writing Secure Code, and a wave of high-profile attacks such as Code Red and Nimda that forced Microsoft, and ultimately, other large software companies, to get religion about software security. To get some persepctive on how far things have come, Threatpost spoke with Gary McGraw of Cigital about the evolution of software security since 2001.

Submission + - Android Trojan Punishes Pirates (net-security.org)

Orome1 writes: A new Android Trojan is up an about, and can be find on several of the most popular file sharing sites in the US and Asia. Disguised as a non-existent version of the legitimate Walk and Text application that can be found on Google's Android Market, it aims to collect user information and shame them for having resorted to downloading what they thought was a cracked version of the app. Once the app is run, it fakes the process of being cracked and while it does it, it silently collects the user's name, phone number, IMEI information and more and tries to send it to an external server. It also sends the following an embarassing message to everyone in the contact list.

Submission + - Google's April Fools (google.com) 1

thelinuxuser writes: Google is looking for Auto Complete Workers? How odd, seems to me like Google's April's Fools Joke of the year. Job Description:

  "Are you passionate about helping people? Are you intuitive? Do you often feel like you know what your friends and family are thinking and can finish their thoughts before they can? Are you an incredibly fast Google searcher? Like, so fast that you can do 20 searches before your mom does 1?"

"Google's quality team is looking for talented, motivated, opinionated technologists to help us predict what users are looking for. If you’re eager to improve the search experience for millions of people and have a proven track record of excellence, this is a project for you!"

Comment Re:Is that what Arcades have become? (Score 3, Insightful) 56

If you wanna see a real arcade museum, go to Musee Mecanique in San Francisco. it's got a lot of great old mechanical arcade games from the early 20th century. They're all still playable and mostly functional, and they've modded the operation mechanisms with modern quarter slots like you'd see in a modern arcade game. They also have a few of the more classic digitial arcade games scattered throughout. Truly a magnificent place!

Comment Re:Ho Hum article. (Score 1) 294

Open Office(and I assume LibreOffice) have offered a Mac native version for some time. For instance:

So as far as I know, NeoOffice is a bit obsolete at this point, if its only goal is to provide a Mac-native version of OOo.

Comment Re:Not sure how they were still operating? (Score 4, Insightful) 323

I think it's just as likely that because Noor hosts the Egyptian stock exchange and several large companies, and otherwise serves a relatively small percentage of Egypt's internet connections, the government actually *wanted* to leave them on for as long as possible. Staying in the good graces of the business and financial community in the country and the world is an important part of staying in power, so it's no wonder they would hesitate to disconnect the ISP serving much of the business community through the stock exchange and such.

Now the government is in panic mode, so they're pulling out all the stops, including shutting down a nerve center of their economy.

Comment Re:It's happened before... (Score 4, Insightful) 757

I hate when people say they disagree just to proceed to lay out some unrelated bit of knowledge they have floating around in their head, for their own gratification...

Please realize that the fact of the Persians being the most advanced civilization before the Arabs/Muslims is in fact orthogonal to the Muslims being the most advanced later on. The downfall of the Persian empire may have enabled it somewhat, but in no way can you disagree that there was a period of superiority by the Arab Muslim civilization, nor does the fact of Arab Muslims' conquest of the Persian empire in any way diminish the Arab empire's superiority in science and engineering later on.

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