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Comment Re: No Threat To Thunderbolt (Score 1) 355

This is betamax vs VHS. Bluray vs HDDVD.

What you mention is true, but how many people want to connect a high end video card to their computer over an external port? A few dozen?

One or two niche cases that aren't even a blip on the radar will not save thunderbolt. USB is ubiquitous, backwards compatibility guarantees a winner speed or not. How many devices do you use that use more than USB 2.0 bandwidth vs total USB devices that you have? The fact that it is also the charging standard means that they would really have to screw up to lose the crown.

Comment Impossible to implement (Score 1) 243

So let me get this straight. If they ship me something that I did not order, I can either:

a) keep it at full price


b) say that I don't want it

In the second case, they will either eat the shipping cost both ways, offer me a discount, or just give it to me for free.

Why would I ever select option a? Yes, then they wouldn't ship me stuff ahead of me asking for it, but considering that I typically don't even know what I want until I go looking for it, I'm not sure how Amazon is going to do any better. Especially based on what I see recommended (maybe 1 of 10 items I *might* want)... seems like it's conceptually doomed.

I could see this being useful for businesses who need JIT delivery, but there's already a system for that.

Comment Re:Extended Support Release (Score 1) 366

It's these exact problems that finally forced me to switch to chrome, and I haven't looked back. Having 2/3 of my plugins stop working every few weeks was boggling. The rapid-release schedule doesn't seem to accomplish anything, and then to force compatibility problems makes it seem like they WANT users to leave.

Comment Adapt or die (Score 5, Insightful) 575

This depends - are you looking to learn the new coding methods to remain competitive in the workplace, or just for fun?

Honestly if you make a living doing this then you need to adapt. You need to get over your preconceptions and accept the changes to the way computing works. There are millions of programmers out there, if you want to stay employed you need to show that you're adaptable to the new technologies while applying all of the tried-and-true knowledge and experience from your past. It's hard enough to get a job when you're more than a decade out of school.

Trust me, I understand where you're coming from. I hate the inefficiencies of the languages these days. I dislike the general idea of doing anything other than a script in a scripted language. However my (perhaps anachronistic) viewpoints don't have many applicable places anymore. Unfortunately the tradeoff between RAD and proper coding often leans a little too far to the RAD side, necessitating the use of many types of languages and tools that you will undoubtedly not enjoy.

Not only will you be a lot more productive, but you'll be a lot more marketable if you just succumb to the "dark side" that is today's trend in programming languages.

Comment Re:Here's what I'd do (Score 2) 396

Not to incite, but I too have been with Kiva for a while (5 years), have made about 200 loans and my default rate is 0.55%. Carefully choosing those that you donate to can lead you to have very low risk and great reward for the karma and sense of accomplishment far more than monetary interest ever could get you. Honestly I have no idea how anyone could have a 30% loss rate considering that the average default rate is 1.09%. Please do not besmirch a fantastic organization with inaccurate statistics.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 5, Insightful) 510

Yeah, I'd like to introduce the OP to this little thing out here that we have called "the internet".

You see on "the internet" the VAST MAJORITY of websites that use flash would not (by any sane or right-minded person) be classified as "drop-dead gorgeous". In fact many of them are aberrations of nature.

Flash has become a way for ignorant web designers lead by even more ignorant managers to design glittery and flashy (no pun intended) websites that focus on dazzling the user instead of usable and content-filled designs. Poor Jakob Nielsen probably cries himself to sleep every night.

Yes there are a few solitary websites out there that do use flash productively and do things that genuinely can be justified as a valued-added usage of flash that could not have been provided in plain HTML, but those are far and few between.

So what this sensationalist article is really spouting is that there are yet no good development tools for HTML5. Wow Really? So a product that just came out (relatively speaking) doesn't have as good or as many design tools yet as a product that has been around for a 14 years. Good thing you pointed that out!

Once the HTML5 tools are available and it's as easy to develop "drop-dead gorgeous" (for better or worse) websites for HTML5 as it is for Flash I think that Adobe is going to have trouble justifying Flash's existence ESPECIALLY because some of those utilities are going to be open-source and free.

Submission + - Hardware: EVGA Geforce GTX275 PhysX Edition Review (

An anonymous reader writes: NVIDIA and ATI dominate the market for gaming-oriented video cards. But neither company sells video cards directly to the consumer; rather, they produce "reference designs" that are manufactured by a number of "partners". Most partners simply produce the reference design and slap an identifying sticker on the card's cooler; although some might replace the reference design cooler with a quieter or more powerful solution, with few exceptions there's little to distinguish one partner's version of a specific card from another partner's version of the same card. EVGA breaks out of this rut with their EVGA GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX Edition, model 012-P3-1178-TR, which combines NVIDIA GTS250 and GTX275 GPUs on the same card, and Benchmark Reviews takes it around the block to see what it's got.

Submission + - Asus Eee PC 1005 PE-MU17-BK review (

An anonymous reader writes: ASUS was one of the first PC vendors to come up with a netbook, and it has continuously made improvement and changes to its Eee PC family to keep up with its competitors in the netbook market. ASUS is keeping up the pressure with the release of its Asus 1005 PE-MU17-BK Seashell netbook...

Submission + - Court rules on Internet obscenity standards ( 2

dark_requiem writes: The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that online content can be judged by the standards of the strictest community which is able to access it. The court upheld the conviction of pornography producer Paul F. Little, aka Max Hardcore, for violating obscenity laws in Tampa, despite the fact that the "obscene" material in question was produced and sold in California. From the article:

The Atlanta-based court rejected arguments by Little's attorneys that applying a local community standard to the Internet violates the First Amendment because doing so means material can be judged according to the standards of the strictest communities. In other words, the materials might be legal where they were produced and almost everywhere else. But if they violate the standards of one community, they are illegal in that community and the producers may be convicted of a crime.


Submission + - OpenMoko Freerunner dead? ( 1

TemporalBeing writes: I've been looking to get an OpenMoko FreeRunner for a few months now; however, I wanted to get the A7 model as it has the Buzz Fix already applied. Sadly, The A7 model isn't available from OpenMoko with the 850MHZ radio. I recently e-mailed OpenMoko through their contact e-mail/support about this, asking when the 850MHZ will be available, only to get the following response:

There will not have A7 for GSM850 because we had stopped the phone development. Now we are focusing on our new product called WikiReader.

This after the last September's announcement of No More OpenMoko Phone and Openmoko Phone Not Dead After All. Looks like they are really just trying to clear the stock.

Submitter's note: Original Source is an e-mail I have. Please be kind with the original source I quote — it's the best I could do with slashdot's story submission form.


Submission + - Avg Web App Scanner Misses 49% Of Vulnerabilities ( 1

seek3r writes: Report: Most Web Application Scanners Missed Nearly Half Of Vulnerabilities

According to a recent test of some of 6 web application security scanning products, the scanners missed an average of 49% of the vulnerabilities known to be on the test sites.

"NTOSpider found over twice as many vulnerabilities as the average competitor having a 94% accuracy rating, with Hailstorm having the second best rating of 62%, but only after extensive training by an expert. Appscan had the second best 'Point and Shoot' rating of 55% and the rest averaged 39%."

Is it any wonder that being PCI compliant is meaningless from a security point of view? You can perform a web app scan, check the box on your PCI audit and still have a security posture that is like swiss cheese on your web app!


Submission + - The end of the battery? ( 1

Poingggg writes: The battery's dead: Scientists invent wafer-thin plastic that can store electricity

The battery, which has powered our lives for generations, may soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.

British scientists say they have created a plastic that can store and release electricity, revolutionising the way we use phones, drive cars — and even wear clothes.

It means the cases of mobiles and iPods could soon double up as their power source — leading to gadgets as thin as credit cards.

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