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Submission + - Canadian Prime Minister loses to Onion Ring (facebook.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: On February 2nd, a group was started entitled "Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper?", and just a few days later, the group has almost triple as many fans as the Canadian Prime Minister. The group has over 86,000 fans at the time of this writing, and Stephen Harper has only 30,000. This is just another example of how much Canadian youth disapproves of the elected leader. My contrast, Barack Obama has over 7 million fans — over 200 the amount of Harper — when the population of the USA is approximately 10 times that of Canada. Canada also has proportionally many more Facebook users, which pushes the disparity even further.
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Canadian Prime Minister loses to Onion Ring

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  • Stupid groups like this are set-up to gather users, and are then sold (and renamed) to companies to show they're popular ... and the funny thing is, when they change the name people don't bother to leave and then the group has access to your details... you should only join a group your going to be actively interested in and contribute to...

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