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GNU is Not Unix

TomTom Can License FAT Without Violating the GPL 261

dp619 writes "Capped per-unit royalties make FAT licensing agreements permissible under the GPL, and SD Times has found that Microsoft's public license policy caps royalties at $250k. If the royalties are capped — as they seem to be — TomTom should be able to license FAT without violating the GPL. And if that is the case ... TomTom needs some serious explaining to do as to why they aren't licensing FAT. That said, Microsoft still needs to explain why it just cannot say that folks won't violate the GPL if they license FAT under its terms."

Submission + - Any more companies like Google and Virgin?

Spikeles writes: "Recently i downloaded The Virgin Digital player from their website and played around with it. Before i had even installed it though, i had to agree with the license agreement. Now i've read some of these in my time, but that one was the hands down the funniest i've ever read. Here's a snippet:

NOTICE This software is licensed to you only for the reproduction of music and/or video that you own or have the expressed right to use as the software allows. Any attempt to reproduce copyrighted material that you are not expressly permitted to use is not legal, not good for the economy, and not nice. Furthermore, it is not cool, it is not kosher, nor is it the kind of thing that your parents would be proud of. Put the kibosh on it. Hey, are you reading this thing? I didn't think so. Nobody ever really does, do they? Except the lawyers who write it. Think about it — you're a lawyer, making god-knows-how-much and hour, and this is the best you can come up with? Lame.
Now, after reading this, it put me in the mind of Google, with their Google Copernicus Center is hiring article, and their general humour in their apps like the cheese at maximum zoom in the moon maps.

So my question is, what does the Slashdot community think of these types of things? Unprofessional? Good marketing sense? And what other companies do you know of that don't take themselves too seriously?"

Submission + - Google exposes millions of email addresses

He writes: A few days ago I found a perfectly legal search request that makes Google expose millions of email addresses from all over the world (problem authenticated by slashdot if you read this).

!!! CAUTION !!! This explanation is for authentication only. DO NOT PUBLISH IT !!!
Searching for "at * dot" returns 50M pages, each having at least one address. Because only the first 1000 pages are available, the request must be splitted by top-level domain ("at * dot com", "at * dot org",...), by country-code ("at * dot ca", "at * dot fr",...) or by domain ("at slashdot dot org",...). Each request can be splitted once again using Google's selection by country and language, and all this can be done for all languages (translate "at" and "dot"). It can also be repeated using "at * dot * dot", so I think that the word "millions" is not exagerated.
!!!!!!!!! End of explanation !!!!!!!

So on Sunday Dec 3 I wrote to their security desk about it. I received a reply (ref:#87529870) three days later saying "thanks we'll investigate". Not really DefCon One frenzy. And they don't seem to particularly care about me spreading the trick all over the Internet. It's been 9 days now and absolutely nothing has changed, so I'd like to know what Slashdot readers would do in such case. How long am I supposed to wait before I can talk about it ? Could I have problems for doing so when apparently Google is not bothered.

Submission + - NASA Plans a Permanent Base on the Moon

goldseries writes: "The LA times reports on NASA's plan to establish a permanent base on the moon with in two decades. The base would be occupied by an international group of scientists. Possible uses would include observatories on the dark side of the moon, and use as a way station on the way to Mars. This would be the realization of President Bush's Vision for Space Exploration which mandated a return to the moon by 2020. NASA plans to locate the base on either the north or south poll because those area are relatively unexplored, of a more moderate temperature that the hot bright side or freezing dark side, and may contain crystallized water due to high levels of hydrogen detected earlier. I for one will be interested to see this happen."

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