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Comment Programming don't work that way. (Score 1) 313

If you know a littel of medicine, or mechanic. And you have a accident in the forest, that stuff will help you to repair the engine if is easy, and heal your wounds or stop bleeding.

A small course in programming will not help you "stop bleeding". To even being to create something worthwhile, or repair something complex in software, you must much more information and experience.

Comment You write code for humans... (Score 2, Insightful) 683

Since programmers must maintain code, read it, understand it, and write more than work with the existing code, the top priority of code is to be well written, and easy to understand for humans. You maybe can help him take ideas how to make his code better for other programmers.

Comment Your name on the internet (Score 1) 471

I don't care much about the german law either, but forcing people to use his real name in the internet is just wrong. With your real name you can have people know everything about you, while you don't even know that exists. May pull other data from other sources, like your taxes, where you live, who is your family. Is unhealty and a big risk, probably the motives has ben made a law in germany (making it a law is a bit excesive, I think). Revealing your real name open the floodgates for anyone to easy reveal all other data, and start connecting the dots.

Comment Can't happend. (Score 3, Insightful) 272

In a perfect world Microsoft would not exist, or where a different company.

But the Microsoft that exist fight standards, and create propietery protocols or closed programs, and created huge dependencies for these, so people with one of his programs must buy the others. Microsoft fiery defend other companies, but not on quality, but on poisoning the well.

OpenGL was one of the key pieces to code a game once, and play it everywhere, and Microsoft succefully made it secondary with Direct3D. It has continued fighting all standards, to destroy them, and in games have a unmitigated success. Games are a world of Microsoft libraries, and game dev's don't know how to build games withouth these libraries, and the games created don't withouth these libraries (or libraries that emulated them).

At this point Microsoft is a cerebral parasite, and removing it would kill the host.

Comment Tecnical debt (Score 1) 182

If you release a lot of crappy software, sooner or later, somebody will have to pay the bill. The secret of Microsoft is that make so the customer is the one paying this bill, but sometimes Microsoft has to pay part of it. Imagine if Microsoft where forced to retroactivelly pay for all the lost because of OS crash, and all the expenses because of antivirus software. But we don't live in a world where Microsoft is being forced to pay for his crappy products faults.

Comment fighter pilots in western sci-fi (Score 2) 409

So much of western sci-fi have pilots of fighters in a style that looks more WW1 than anything else because is good for storytelling. And most "sci-fi" is optimized for that.

Not all of it, you have some anime series where you have something probably more realisitic, like hordes of ships with computers doing the firing, mostly lasers.

Popular science-fiction is sorta "pop culture", and is for the most part very "pulp".

Comment Quality is also on speed of delivery. (Score 1) 349

The other day I was surprised wen talking about Debian to a friend. Debian is represented (misrepresented perhaps) as using only stable versions. This make so every new version of Debian is very rare. While other distros can live more on the cutting edge of tech and include more modern versions of all software.

He said that this is low quality. And I suppose kind of make sense. Quality can also be a attribute of delivery. Good code now is much better than the perfect code 10 years from now and having to pay 20 million dollars. For most uses, we write and use good code, and the perfect code is beyond what everyone need.

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