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Comment Re:So *that* is how it works... (Score 5, Insightful) 527

I don't understand. Are you outraged that this guy spent $50,000 to support Prop 19? Do you realize alcohol and tobacco companies spend millions every year, funding anti-marijuana commercials? Why do you think that is? They don't want competition from another legal intoxicant. Despite the fact that alcohol is proven to cause brain damage (Korsakov's Syndrome etc.) and cigarettes kill thousands of people every year. Tobacco companies tried to do the same thing with clove cigarettes; they actually succeeded in several states. Or consider the hundreds of millions spent annually by the DEA and local law enforcement agencies to fight this "killer weed". Are these tax payer dollar's really being well spent? I can understand that you have an issue with people buying legislation, but this guy's $50,000 splurge is nothing compared to the hundreds of millions spent by corporations every year to lobby for legislation that they stand to benefit from. One example is private prisons. They spend millions lobbying for stricter drug laws. Why? To increase their business. Does it seem right that a private corporation can buy legislation that puts thousands of non-violent offenders behind bars, just so they can increase profits? We have definitely lost control of our country, but it isn't to the potheads.

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