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Journal TechnoLust's Journal: "2 minute wait between posts" workaround. 46

OK, we all know (and hate) the 2 minute wait between post we have to deal with on slashdot. What if I told you I could tell you how you don't HAVE to wait 2 minutes between posts? How much would you pay? $1000, $5000, $10,000! Right now, for only 4 easy installments of $13.56, I can provide you with information on how to get around this limitation. I know what you are thinking, "TL, it's just too good to be true!" Maybe this will change your mind Look at this comment and this comment. Notice the time on both is 3:15 today. How did I do it? Well, send your money and I will tell you.

You know what? I like you so if you act now, I will tell you ABSOLUTELY FREE! Ok, just read this:
Click REPLY TO COMMENT and type your reply, but don't click Submit (you can preview if you desire). Open a new window (or tab) and do the same. Repeat. Then go back and as quickly as you can, click on submit and switch to another window. Repeat for all open windows.

I'm guessing this has to do with load balancing or something. I know it's probably a race condition. They all check the flag or time of last comment or whatever it does to check that first. So before any of the others finish the post, they've all (or several of them) have gotten past the check and will complete undeterred. Gnifty, eh?

UPDATE: I haven't done this a LOT, so be careful you might get viewed as a script and banned. Std disclaimer applies. :-)

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"2 minute wait between posts" workaround.

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