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Submission + - Bing is adding street view (

Technician writes: This story snuck by me. In August it was announced Bing is adding street view to it's maps. I became aware of it when I saw a car looking somewhat like a Google Streeet View car, but the camera package was cylindrical looking somewhat like R2D2 instead of the camera ball used by Google. This was spotted in Beaverton Oregon.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - When will SCO stock die? (

Technician writes: I have been watching SCO stock waiting for them to die. Instead of dying, I noticed they have been ticking upward lately. This got me to wondering why? After some thought, I think I have the answer. Speculators are buying the stock, not because it may come back, but because it is threatened with de-listing as it has been under a dollar for some time. Speculators may have bought a bunch of shares in hopes that as last time it was threatened with de-listing, it jumped, investors will run up the price just before the deadline to prevent from being de-listed? Does anyone have any other theories why the stock is up from 0.15 to over 0.30? Is anybody holding SCO hoping it will hit 1.00 again? How can a stock that bad double in price in one and a half months?

Submission + - Mystery illness from meteor crash is solved. (

Technician writes: The meteor that crashed in Peru caused a mystery illnesses. The cause of the illness has been found. The meteor was not toxic. The ground water it contacted contains arsenic. The resulting steam cloud is what caused the mystery illness. "The meteorite created the gases when the object's hot surface met an underground water supply tainted with arsenic, the scientists said." There is a very good photo of the impact crater in the article. The rim of the crater is lined with people for a size comparison.

Submission + - SCO lost the Linux case. Stock drops 70%

Technician writes: SCO has lost the case in it's claim to Linux code. 31204220070811?rpc=44
Novell is in the clear to order SCO to drop the case against IBM for including SCO code in Linux.
"Judge Dale Kimball of the U.S. District Court for Utah said Novell Inc (NOVL.O: Quote, Profile, Research), rather than SCO, owns copyrights to the UNIX computer operating system, which also jeopardizes a related SCO lawsuit against IBM"
SCO's stock bombed over 70% today. &q=l&c=
Novell is in the clear to order SCO to drop the case against IBM for including SCO code in Linux.

Submission + - SCO Delisted

Technician writes: I have been following the fall of SCO stock. When I checked their stock tonight I found the anouncement of the delisting instead of a chart. "SCOX has failed to meet NASDAQ Capital Market continued listing requirement(s)."

Submission + - SCO Relies on IBM-donated Servers with Groklaw

Technician writes: SCO Relies on IBM-donated Servers to Provide Support for OpenServer/UnixWare Customers. It appears that SCO and Groklaw have the exact same tie to IBM. Does this mean that the IBM legal team is behind the anti-Linux SCO action? Aparently not any more than IBM is behind anti-SCO news. The kind folks at Groklaw have discoverd this and kindly provide an article here; 21422994

Submission + - Bypass the 3 day 3 play restriction on the Zune.

Technician writes: The 3 day 3 play limit on WI-FI sharing of MP3 files has a work around. In a nutshell, switch the unit to the hard drive mode and rename the MP3's you wish to share with a .jpg extension. There is no 3 plays 3 days restriction on shared photos. More info here; to-bypass-the-zunes-wifi-sharing-drm-217042.php This has been tested on MP3 files. I don't think it will work with DRM files.

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