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Submission + - Thugs threaten Ethical Hacker and CTO in India (

An anonymous reader writes: If you are an Ethical Hacker in USA, the EFF may protect you. But who will protect Ethical Hackers in India?

An Ethical Hacker named Yash, with a day time job as CTO of a online security startup in India's Silicon Valley Bangalore, blogged about what he felt were alleged security weaknesses in two leading banks — ICICI (India's leading private bank) and HSBC. The code was not made public to ensure any weaknesses were not exploited. ICICI only sent him a legal notice but did not follow up. According to CTO Yash, HSBC, without getting a Court order, forced his hosting provider Bluehost to remove his website. Yash has also blogged about how thugs turned up at his home.

This was reported by Techgoss.

(Last week, Slashdot has linked to another of Techgoss articles on a different topic

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