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Submission + - Australian Govermant launch "cyber-safety" button (zdnet.com.au)

Techman83 writes: Weighing in at approximately 930kb, consuming approximately 30mb of memory, requiring both Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, is Senatory Conroy's "cyber-safety" button. The panic button has attracted ridicule amongst the industry and at a cost of AUD$136,000 have left many of us asking why? Even still Senator Conroy has stuck to his guns and launched the little red button, that resides in the taskbar and floats over the top of all the other applications just waiting to be double clicked in an emergency. If you wish to check it out for yourself, it is available for download here

Submission + - Free Antivirus - What do you install on Windows? 2

Techman83 writes: After years of changing between AVG Free + avast, it's coming time to find a new free alternative for friends/relatives that run windows. AVG and avast have been quite good, but are starting to bloat out in size, and also becoming very misleading. Avast recently auto updated from 4.8 to 5 and now requires you to register (even for the free version) and both are making it harder to actually find the free version. Is this end of reasonable free av or is there another product I can entrust to keep the "my computers doing weird things" calls to a minimum?

Submission + - AU Senator Attempts to "Censor" satire site

Techman83 writes: The Satirical website stephenconroy.com.au has been taken offline by auDA, the Australian Domain Authority. As explained at stephen-conroy.com "auDA, the body governing Australian domain names is trying to take us offline. We've asked for reasonable time to explain our eligibility for this domain name but they have refused to grant this. Accordingly we've moved the site to 'stephen-conroy.com' — please update your bookmarks. We'll post more information later... and we're certainly not going away.". I wonder if this site would be Refused Classification?

Submission + - AU Filtering effective, negligible impact (zdnet.com.au)

Techman83 writes: At the completion of recent trials, our Communications Minisiter (Senator Stephen Conroy) further prooves how disconnected from reality he really is, stating that there will be a negligable impact on our communications. According to the Enex (Testing Labratory contracted for these trials) report "Testing revealed that the three ISPs filtering only the [Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)] blacklist had no noticeable performance degradation that could be attributed to the filter itself ... All participants in the pilot were successful in blocking 100 per cent of the ACMA blacklist. This was a requirement of the pilot,"

The reprt also found that "Testing showed that the filters used for the ACMA blacklist only were more easily circumvented than other more complex filters used to cover a wider range and volume of material." According to (of which I'm inclined to agree) EFA vice president Colin Jacobs "It damages Australia's reputation as a free and open democracy and as a technologically advanced and savvy 21st century country"

Fortunately with the Labour Party do not hold a large enough majority to push this through and require the votes of the Independents and the Greens or the Liberal Party (the other major Australian Party), who are unlikely to back this. Unfortunately they could use to paint there opposition as "Supporting Child Abuse", which has been a common attack used against his opponents.

Submission + - AFACT back down in Australia

Techman83 writes: "In recent news AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) have changed their story yet again, further watering down their case.

iiNet said in a statement that the dropped claim alleged that the ISP made copies of the films and demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge of internet technology and operations.

According to AustralianIT

iiNet has already claimed that it would have to breach telecommunications laws in order to take steps to disconnect customers alleged to be involved in illegal file sharing.

Further information can be found on iiNets Website"


Submission + - Best Open Source Firewall Distro?

Techman83 writes: I've been planning for a while to setup my own firewall to offload the load from poor little ADSL router and boost security. I could quite easily roll my own firewall, but some of the firewall distros look very interesting. For instance I have looked at m0n0wall which looks powerful, but seems to have a few rough edges and Smoothwall looks very polished, but it compromises on some of configuration options to provide simplicity. So what are people using out in the Slashdot world?

Submission + - Share Point alternatives

Techman83 writes: "Due to the distributed environment at my workplace, Portal based collaboration tools are coming up as a must have business tool.There seems to be the usual consultants suggesting solutions from the MS Product line, In particular SharePoint. Some people love it, some people loathe it. I am interested in hearing opinions either directions and other options for alternative solutions. Personally I'd like to go the OSS route, but it's a case of using the right tool for the job. My biggest problem with SharePoint is more Microsoft dependence and Vendor Lock-in. I don't want our environment so tied to MS that we can't look at any alternatives when better alternatives are found. It does need to be centrally manageable (preferably tied in with LDAP, eDirectory or AD)and easy for the users to use. I'd also very much like it to be Cross Platform as our IT Team uses linux workstations and I am considering plans for a complete linux environment in the long term future."

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