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Comment Re:Revert to cash? (Score 1) 193

Or arrange your accounts with the idea that you will be compromised. So only keep enough cash that you are willing to lose/require for a particular purchase in whatever account you use for online purchasing. Heck I even do that for my offline purchases (with card skimmers floating around the place, IRL purchases aren't safe either).

Comment Re:as always full of shit (Score 1) 71

I'm genuinly interested in the BB Black, how is the GPU offloading? That's the big surprise I've found with the Pi. It outputs Full HD quite nicely for me, but the CPU could do with a touch more grunt.

Also the community that has sprung up around the Pi is something that shouldn't disregarded. The fact you can hit google and get detailed answers from people doing the same thing as you is quite invaluable.

Comment Re:Real Science? (Score 4, Insightful) 70

I'd suggest watching the talk from LCA 2013. Video here. I went along and found it quite interesting. Puts Orbital science experimentation into the hands of people that would have never been able to afford it previously.

But I'm seaminly responding to another trollish post with a +4 Insightful. Imagine a class room full of students excited about science because their teacher organised for a bunch of their projects to go up into space, and that drives them to further that knowledge and go on to become successful scientists. No, there is no useful purpose for this project at all

Comment Re:Strange definition of open (Score 1) 57

I use "open" software all the time and I certainly don't do any DIY hacking to get it running and keep it running. So why does this "open" hardware have such a different interpretation? I can only surmise that "open" is actually being used as a synonym of "incomplete".

The primary difference being, people have different expectations when it comes to something they laid done a decent some of money for. If you download a project that doesn't work and don't know how to diagnose it, you move on. Drop a $1000+ on some hardware and don't possess the skills to work it out , you may feel quite differently. No amount of initial expectation setting can change that when it involves someones hard earned money. We've seen that with Kickstarter, you are told upfront that you are investing in a product that isn't in production yet and people get upset when things don't pan out as planned.

However all of the above doesn't make this project less open, you are still free to take those designs, source the parts and build one yourself. Bunnie explained that he wants to hack hardware, not spend his time doing end user support for people that didn't understand what they were buying. I don't think that's unreasonable.

Comment Re:Any Oculus Rift developers in the house? (Score 1) 88

Cool, after some research it sounds like there is hope yet. I think a rift solution would be far easier for me to achieve as I really have a hard time with repetitive boring tasks. Repitive entertaining tasks (ie Tetris) seem to not pose the same issue.

Justification for a Rift purchase found, now to fund it and get on the development learning curve!

Comment Re:The alternatives suck (Score 1) 383

They seem to be suffering from a massive influx of users. It seems to be getting better stability wise since I first started using it. It also has an original view, which is awesome for sites that annoyingly just put a link to the content, rather than the content on the feed.Three Months to Scale NewsBlur

It's also OSS if you wish to host it yourself, you can find it here.

Comment Re:First posting? (Score 1) 162

There are great alternatives for Groupware. However people don't actually want exchange, they want outlook. It's a tool they are familiar with and have built up years of workflow around it. It's horrible, unstable, ugly, but people cling to it. It's a safety blanket.

I reckon the current version of Zimbra is looking to be quite a suitable replacement and it's built using OSS products. There are paid for enterprise versions, which get you things like ActiveSync (presumably they have to pay MS for a license to use that), but it's pocket change compared to a full blown exchange implementation. The administration has a decent easy to use CLI and the web admin side of things is really comprehensive. No more pulling up emc to do one bit, then powerhell, then webmail and finally the last bit in Outlook.

Moving back on topic, Samba 4 should mean that things that absolutely have to talk LDAP in MS's broken way will mean absolutely no need for a windows box on your network

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