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Comment Re:this has me wondering (Score 1) 151

too rich for my blood. Damn.

Is she still packing? Last I heard, she was still packed with explosives and back in February I think it was, a veteran ordnance disposal guy said it'd cost over £30 million to make it safe... which the Government wanted happening anyway because it's in the way of the new London Airport they've got planned though nobody's asked for (there's already four, how many more do they think they need??).

Comment this has me wondering (Score 0, Troll) 151

Why all this effort to refloat her? As has been pointed out, she's been partially and asymmetrically submerged for the better part of two years, surely it'd be easier to just send in the divers with cutting torches or shaped charges, split the hull, and float her off in sections on barges (as they ended up doing with MSC Napoli)?

Is this a dress rehearsal for RMS Titanic? If so, I've got news: she's been under for 101 years, is in far worse condition and is apparently split into at least two sections.

Is there something aboard Costa Concordia that we shouldn't know about? (yes, I'm thinking of a certain book)

Either way, I personally think the only decent thing to do here is to leave her be, apart from draining off any remaining fuel oil, as a marine grave marker, and let the seas reclaim her. What's happening right now is a desecration.

Comment Better than a USB-ectomy (Score 1) 208

I've built workstations intended for connection to library systems, and one of the airgap security measures I've employed was to cut the data conductors behind the USB port*. OK, it's permanent unless you're really handy with a soldering iron, but you'd have to get around the keybolts holding the case together first...

*Recent innovations in workstation motherboard design have done away with PS/2 ports for keyboard/mouse, the way around that is to use a quality keyboard/mouse and hardwire those suckers.

And trust that the user isn't about to alligator the data lines on one of those...

Comment Re:Treason.. or... (Score 1) 524

Magna Carta was sealed by the King nearly three hundred years prior to the discovery of the Americas by European explorers.
The Colonies were founded, for the most part, by people emigrating from England, for the New World in search of a better life.
Those people were, until the Declaration of Independence, wholly governed by the Laws and Customs of England.

Do you get it yet?

By the way, Magna Carta is not a "British" document. It is the very foundation and basis of every Constitutional Republic on the fucking planet. INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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