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Submission + - Obama "Flat Earth" joke falls... flat (

Tastecicles writes: As US President Barack Obama put it Tuesday at Georgetown University, to the rapturous applause of students and faculty staff, the industrial arm of the US economy needs to stop burying its head in the sand over climate change. But, was his speech intended to placate the AGW crowd such as Gore, with the quip that "We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society"? Or did he have something else in mind, like promoting the gas boom made possible by the development of hydraulic fracturing as a viable means to extract shale gas (which, surprise surprise, emits as much CO2 per kilogram burned as low-grade brown anthracite)? Just what is the "science" on which he intends to rely when he signs in his proposed measures?

As a skeptic (one who requires empirical proof, not innuendo and not repeated claims) into AGW but not into climate change, I don't consider myself a Flat Earther (one who refuses to change his mind even in the face of empirical evidence). Convince me.


Submission + - Australian police warn that Apple Maps could get someone killed (

jsherring writes: "Police in Victoria, Australia warn that Apple's glitch-filled Maps app could get someone killed, after motorists looking for the Victorian city of Mildura were instead guided to a wilderness area." Relying on Apple Maps to navigate through rural Australia seems rather foolish but it has become common practice to rely on GPS navigation. Besides reverting to google maps, perhaps Apple should provide strong warnings to use other navigation sources if navigating to remote locations.

Submission + - Are New Gun Control Laws Imminent? ( 1

nmpost writes: "The massacre in Aurora, Colorado has once again opened up the gun control debate. The attack was the second this month, following a shooting incident in Tuscaloosa that left over 20 people injured. The Aurora attack was particularly worrisome, as it was one of the larger mass shootings in US history. The attacks have led some to call for tighter gun control. The UN is currently trying to push an international small arms treaty that would regulate gun sales across borders. This has led gun owners to fear that their second amendment rights could be in danger. They can rest easy, though, as the UN treaty will not, and in fact can not overrule the second amendment."

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