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Journal Journal: Woo Hoo!

After several months of fairly inflammatory, no-holds barred posting, I've finally got one of my own freaks! Arvindn, you have just made me a very happy man. If you were here right now I'd kiss you! PS: I liked the piece on Vedic mathematics; thank you for the link.
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Journal Journal: More OSNews Suckfest

This article is in English even more broken than Eugenia's. The fat Greek deleted most of the comments suggesting she hire a fucking proofreader, but was eventually overwhelmed and just left them.

This one is, like most of OSNews' "content", basically just an editorial-level troll. I especially enjoyed Eugenia's retarded suggestion that the .NET patents issue could be resolved once and for all by just sitting down for a nice chat with Microsoft legal. Dumbfuck.

Reaching back into the archives a bit, there's the ultra-fatuous Miguel de Icaza interview. The most disturbing part is the picture. The Greek seems to be halfway in the process of turning around to hump Miguel's leg as he gingerly rests his arm on her sweaty shoulder.

Now, I can understand getting hot and bothered over Miguel de Icaza. Hell, sometimes I get kinda queer for him myself. He could be my Mexican poolboy any day. But with Eugenia it's become a kind of sick obsession. You can see it in the fag-literary, fanfic-style frame she puts the interview in: no basic q&a for this one; rather, breathless summaries of what Miguel said and what they had for lunch.

You can also see it in the way Mono has become one of the idees fixes of OSNews right alongside BeOS and Amiga 4. Sorry, Ximian, but this does not bode well for you. Why in hell would a porkchop-slinging Greek housewife need to lean C#?

And this comes down to the real heart of the problem with OSNews: software as self-fulfillment. Hence the obsession with dying platforms. Hence the whole thing is basically a huge troll-fest in karma-whoring garb. An operating system isn't something you have to get more important things done, it isn't about security or reliability or utility: it's part of a "scene". This is some really pathological shit.

Speaking of dying platforms: 2 Amiga stories plus one each for BeOS and SkyOS. In the last seven days. Fucking lamers.
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Journal Journal: Further Proof that OSNews is Retarded 2

Under normal circumstances, OSNews is only semi-offensively retarded. Eugenia the fat Greek installs some random Linux distro or whatever, comments on the icon theme, and talks about how cool BeOS was. Or else whatsisname regurgitates a bunch of vaporware hype straight out of whatever shady tax haven the current Amiga con-game is run out of these days.

Retarded enough to make you want to break something if you stumble upon it from Google News, but not something really big.

Lately, however, Eugenia has been posting stuff about programming. This is where the OSNews "community" really shows how much they breathe through not their mouths. And I'm not saying this cuz I'm bitter about the hirsute Hellene deleting my "f1rst post! w00t!" post (although I am).

Take the article on scripting languages from today. The author rambles on for a long time about typing systems, whines about how scripting languages are "inefficient", drools for a while over the l337ness of the non-scripting-language OCaml, then finally gets down to discussing an actual scripting language: BeanShell. Who the fuck uses BeanShell? No Perl, no Python, no Ruby; not even goddamn Windows Scripting host.

But wait there's more! The guy closes out with a long paragraph about how he wants to learn Objective-C.

OSNews, pat yourself on the collective retard back. You've really outdone yourselves.

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