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Comment Re: Coolness (Score 1) 237

Because StarCraft was more accessible. It was fun to watch others play and you could played matches in a shorter amount of time, the latter of which is immensely important.

It's the same reasons why Supreme Commander failed to make headway into that space and the attempts to move Supreme Commander 2 into that space caused it to fail miserably.

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 230

You appear to be confused regarding the chain of command. The Joint Chiefs, branch commanders, and unified command commanders all report to the Secretary of Defense who reports to the President although the Joint Chiefs do directly advise the President. The current secretary of defense is an ex-military civilian but the position of Secretary of Defense has no requirement for previous military service and is very much a civilian position.

Comment Re:Leadership is more than giving and taking order (Score 1) 230

The Navy is only banning vaping on shippings and I can see the reasoning for it. While vaping may be better for your health long term the situation on board a ship is a bit different. First of all, you're on a ship. You don't have access to expert medical facilities so while vape devices have thus far only caused 77 days worth of injuries, they've been minor enough that they could be handled by the ship's medbay. There's likely a concern here regarding a more severe injury and the isolation from higher quality medical services where something that shouldn't be life-threatening if you were stateside or on a base suddenly becomes life threatening.

While vaping may be healthier compared to cigarettes you're talking long term chronic health. There's no question that when we're talking about short-term and immediate health that cigarettes are safer than vaping and I can't believe I just typed that phrase.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

The answer is pretty simple. It's overtime and these individuals consider the overtime hours as normal pay because the business normally operates on 50 hour weeks and drops to 40 hour weeks when work slows.

Let's say you work 4 weeks at 50 hours (effective 55 for pay) and 4 weeks for 40 hours (effective 40 for pay). Your average pay is going to be equivalent to 47.5 hours of pay. The month you work over time you're at 115% of average.

The financial insecurity comes from families budgeting around the "normal" 50hr work week instead of the 40hr work week or even just the average hours per week.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

It's not missing work that causes the dips, it's the uncertainty of overtime pay that causes the issues. There's a pretty common problem among non-exempt hourly employees where they plan their finances around the assumption of having the overtime pay because the company aims for 50 hours a week per employee. They don't plan under the assumption that they will can get 40 hours a week. If you get knocked from 50 to 40 hours a week then your pay checks at 40 hours are about 70% of the size of your paycheck at 50 hours.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

I am self employed, I have a S-Corporation.

I pay unemployment taxes to Feds and State annually.

A few years back, I as in between contracts for a few months. I tried to collect I HAD PAID INTO THE SYSTEM. They told me I could not by law collect it, since I was the owner and employee of the company....?!!??

So, I am forced to pay, but I can never collect it...?

You are paid as an employee of the S-Corp and since you are an employee of your S-Corp the S-Corp is required to pay into unemployment insurance for you. You would be able to collect unemployment insurance if you were no longer employed by your S-Corp. Your S-Corp lacking a current contract just means that the S-Corp is without revenue.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

Property taxes would be a little more difficult to assess. Even if the US and the UK have the same property tax rate that does not translate into an identical average percentage of the individuals income. For example, a farmer has a fairly high property tax liability when compared against their income. Then you get into the muddiness of rental property where numerous individuals don't directly pay their property tax as it's incorporated into the rent. Furthermore, you'd have to show that property prices are comparable between the UK and US in order to determine that the property tax rates cause the same value of liability. If the UK or US has lower average property prices but identical rates then country with the higher average rates has a higher property tax liability for the individual. If incomes don't trend with that difference then you will end up with differing effective property taxation against income.

Comment Re: 500 customers on the other flight (Score 1) 575

Everyone who's talking four hours to drive the employees is lowballing the figure because 4 hours is about the time you'll spend on I-65. That's not including the time once you get to Louisville because who knows precisely where their hotel rooms are or getting from O'Hare to I-65.

When the next flight departs is actually quite pertinent as well as you cannot expect a crew to be well rested attempting to rest in a car versus a hotel room. In this case you're probably substitute about half of the rest the crew would get in a hotel with rest in a car coupled with an interruption to the sleep midway due to arrival.

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

Some of the specifics of the situation are lacking from my investigation but the total trip time from O'Hare to Louisville is going to be about 6 hours by car compared to the about 80 minutes by plane which is unfortunately going to factor into the best solution when you're dealing with the last flight out for the day for a crew that has to fly out on a flight in the morning. The flight in question was Flight 3411 and based on it being the "last" flight of the day on Sunday that means its departure was at 7:42PM central with an arrival in Louisville at 10:00 PM eastern (1hr 19m). If they were to instead hired a limo to take them to Louisville, we'll assume that the delay caused by the incident would be about the same as the time it would take to get the limo for the employees, they would have departed around 7:45PM central and arrived in Louisville around 2:45AM eastern. The difference in these arrival times is certainly a factor for crew that are expected to go out on an early flight. It is unlikely that the crew would be rested for the flight out unless that was a late morning flight (I'd say no earlier than 10AM) as I would not expect people to be able to rest during a 6 hour drive in a limo.

Comment Re: Failed logic (Score 1) 95

Such animals are vermin and not domesticated. They are wild animals that live within proximity to humans which carry with the negative effects. In the case of pigeons their poop is a health hazard. In the case of wolves you would increase the probability of attacks on humans as well as them potentially hunting potentially easier prey like actual domesticated animals such as chickens, pigs, or cows. A wolf in this circumstance is no different from a coyote.

Comment Re:Robotic Pickers (Score 1) 56

The article mentions that packing items in boxes is still done by hand, and I imagine loading/unloading trucks is still done with humans. However I can foresee completely-automated Amazon warehouses in the near future.

Amazon would need to have more tightly entwined work with UPS and FedEx or push their own truck delivery system which is probably why they're putting effort into drone delivery. There's technology out there for "smart shipping" which will pack stuff into a delivery vehicle which can cause the vehicle to be packed based on the route that it will take. This being optimal as you can reduce the volume required since you no longer need to have space for the driver to get into the storage portion of the vehicle and search through the packages for the one to deliver. This means either smaller delivery vehicles or more packages in the delivery vehicle. It also optimizes the delivery process a bit more for automated warehouse to door shipping.

To do this you need to be able to stock your vehicle to a reasonable fullness which means packages need to sit in a staging area for the loading dock until some combination of time and volume quantity has been achieved.

Amazon is probably using the drone delivery right now because automated vehicles are still a restricted technology or they may be assuming that UPS and FedEx and the like are also at least doing some element of research into automated delivery systems in order to not be obsoleted by it.

My feeling is that picking and shipping, while done by humans, are going to be solved by the same technology. The big issue with picking is making sure the goods aren't damaged by the robot hand when selecting various goods from within a container. Shipping should be a quick to solve problem once the picker problem is solved as the part about picking items out of the container to pack into a box is solved and at that point its a computation problem of the dimensions of the products and optimizing the order to package them as well as any packaging.

Comment Re: What else is news? (Score 1) 55

I made 17 dozen deviled eggs one holiday season.

This only raises more questions. One egg can be turned into two deviled eggs. How the heck did you end up with 17? I'll guess you poorly filled the egg whites and had one sad egg white remaining? What happened to the other three eggs from the dozen?

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