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Comment Re:Nah! (Score 1) 583

No one on Slashdot would ever promote right wing conspiracy theories! How absurd...

As an experiment let's start GoatGate: Facetweet that is really a QR-Code to get access info to a Roswell warehouse where Obama stores saucers to be launched to collect all guns.

I can just imagine all the suckers trying to scan that image with their phone at gun parties.

(Warning: if you don't know what I'm talking about, google with browser images switched off. Trust me.)

Comment Re:WW2 [Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well?] (Score 1) 325

You seem to be of the belief that IF we all grow up being jerks to each other, calling each other slant-eyes, spicks, crackers, coons, etc. then we'll all grow thick skins and tolerate jerkihood.

I'm going to resist criticizing that perspective because culture is ultimately subjective: science and math do not give us a definitive answer to what is "good". At its very best, it can only tell us the trade-offs. You are NOT going to find an equation proving you are right; your nerd skills will fail you here.

Regardless, a culture is a culture and such statements are offensive in "blue" areas for good or bad just like nudity is highly offensive in the Bible Belt. Yes, I can go and lecture the Bible Belt and tell them their book is likely a fairy tale and that they are "doing it wrong". But it won't work. They are what they are, logic or not.

Compromise to co-exist, or split up. You are NOT going to "fix" the other culture.

Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 1) 241

Does the pressure actually create a hole(s), or merely push the electrolyte layer so hard that the distance between the parts with current grows temporarily too thin and hot?

And, why didn't testing catch this? Wouldn't one typically squeeze some test phones at different angles until they actually go bad to see where the thresholds and failures are? Or did manufacturing put in bad distances, or design left tolerances unrealistic for manufacturing to meet?

I realize you weren't there, I'm just asking what's typically done or expected in such design labs.

I wonder if marketing pressure triggered a VW/Wells-Fargo-like situation where there's pressure on the engineers to cheat by skipping or ignoring tests.

Comment Re:On Logic [Re:Hell no] (Score 1) 361

Maybe they need to learn or be taught how to break their code or logic into smaller sub-sections. They may be biting off chunks bigger than their brain can digest and get themselves into knots.

Maybe also teach them to create "trace codes" that document the logic paths a result took. Append them to a string that can be used for debugging. For example, if an amount is chopped because it exceeds State Law X's max, then append ",state-law-X-max" to the trace string so that they can know that particular rule was triggered in producing the results. I do this myself if there are a lot of potential business rules in between a result. Very helpful.

If it doesn't hurt performance much, even store the trace strings in the database result(s).

Comment Re:WW2 [Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well?] (Score 1) 325

Doesn't work where? Us "blue" people are offended by his statements and offended by people who give him a pass on them whether you want us to be or not. YOUR half of the nation may think it's fine, but my half doesn't, and we are not happy about it. The Culture War has intensified, for good or bad.

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