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Comment Re:Lateral aerodynamics (Score 1) 236

Odd. Just checked the Lincoln Continental randomly, and its weight is half to three-quarter ton lighter than it was when I was a kid....

I was referring to the small cars that the OP was talking about, but actually, the 2015 Continental is about the same or slightly heavier than a 30-year-old (1985) Continental.

Comment Re:Get a provider in the commercial space (Score 1) 136

The OP states the police will only respond if there is video. If that were a policy, not only would it be published but it would also open the police department up to a number of 'neglect of duty' lawsuits.

It is in fact the policy in an increasing number of jurisdictions, including San Jose, Detroit, Las Vegas, Akron and Milwaukee that alarms be verified by video or eyewitness before police will respond. In other jurisdictions, such as Bakersfield, Saturday night response times can be up to three hours for non-verified alarms.

Comment Re:Lateral aerodynamics (Score 1) 236

While light is wonderful for fuel efficiency, I'm finding that with each new generation of car I drive, strong lateral gusts of wind tend to pose more of a problem while driving. This is purely conjecture of course, but I just don't remember having these troubles in the past, where it's harder to immediately compensate for a sudden strong gust of wind that can literally alter your cars course in an instant.

Well, given that cars are heavier today than the same model from 30 years ago, I'd guess that the problem is that cars are taller than they used to be and present a larger side profile to crosswinds.

Comment Re:Get a provider in the commercial space (Score 1) 136

Your city doesn't require any camera for monitoring by police. You do need a permit and so does your alarm company. Perhaps your alarm company told you that but they are just trying to up sell you their camera system. https://www.houstonburglaralar...

In a lot of jurisdictions, video verified alarms are given a higher response priority by police.

Comment Re:Worry about everything else first (Score 1) 212

A number of car audio systems that I have seen have removable face plates. Thief looks in, sees that the faceplate has been removed and will then realize the unit is worthless to resell and will move on.

I had two faceplate-less car stereos stolen. Turns out that they know that most people leave the faceplate in the glovebox. Some other crims are too stupid to know that you can't just walk into a stereo shop and buy a replacement faceplate. (I was in a stereo shop for two hours and no fewer than three idiots came in with a bare stereo looking to buy a faceplate.)

Comment Year 2038 is coming (Score 1) 86

Y2.038K is coming, and as we saw with Y2K, companies will wait until the last minute and then scramble to make sure their code handles the clock overflow properly.

COBOL programmers (if there are any left by mid-2037) will probably make a lot of money for those six months.

Comment Re:Innovation (Score 1) 90

I wonder if any of the "innovations" from the last three years were his anyway. I would presume that Jobs would have 3-5 years of projects and products in the pipeline, and maybe more if he knew he would be leaving the company soon. So are we still working out of Jobs' notebook, or has Cook started actually calling the shots creatively?

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