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Comment Re:Microsoft Bash to the rescue (Score 1) 129

Didn't they already try that and you have to "Unblock" downloaded files before you can run them? Even wrote a command to save you time cause you hate having them blocked (Unblock-File).

My question is whether a malicious PNG opening on debian can cause the system to let it load a bash shell that downloads an exploit from a random IP to get in and deliver the payload. If not, then its better than powershell from that standpoint.

Comment Re:Show file ectensions ... (Score 1) 36

This is good advice... but totally wrong for this topic.

The ransomware is running by being embedded in the actual picture file. It will usually have a downloaded embedded so that AV stuff doesn't actually flag the image for ransomware. so.... if your browser randomly downloads a picture file that you didn't opt to receive, you should probably stop browsing on Facebook and go double check your backups.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Secure methods for baby monitoring

Szeraax writes: Big time nerd, first time father (well, first and second since I just had twins!). Ideally, I can track temperature and heart rate of my new family members without causing a security nightmare on my home network. I see lots of arm bands from China that claim security, but even their documentation pictures are pure chinese screen shots. That makes me immediately leary of the device. I can use a private WLAN on my router for the devices if needed. I can connect via bluetooth on phone or computer. Is my best bet to check vitals manually and plot results in LibreOffice calc? Are there monitoring devices that totally avoid the cloud rush of today? Should I just not even waste my time with the data?

Slashdot, what advice do you have for me?

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