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Comment Re:Porn Watching Indicates A Sad Human. (Score 1) 301

The problem is that no real woman wants to meet, have sex, or fall in love with *US*.

I call lazy BS. Porn usage is a complex subject, but the bottom line is usually the following, IMO: Porn is easy (and mostly free). Relationships are hard (and usually expensive).

Take a chance, bro. Going through the growing pains of a relationship is more than worth it to have a mate you can love in every way.

Comment Time put to use? Yes... but how? (Score 2) 233

For some it won't make much difference, since they're already using their phones to text/email/work behind the wheel while inching along in heavy traffic.

For the rest of us, society will have to work out some social mores about how that free time will be used... Do we want our bosses assuming we'll be working DURING rush hour (both ways) as well? "Yeah, you can leave a little early - just get me that update/report/patch by the time you get home."

Until then, I just hope I don't come across someone fapping to porn on his dash during rush hour 'cause there's no "gunning it" to get away from them. Imagine the back and forth of the crawl on the freeway between lanes - "There's the sick bastard's car again. That dude needs help.. And he thinks that tint is dark enough to cover the.. *gasp* oh dude, it's gay porn?? Gross... *sigh* Yeah, 911? There's a dude jacking off to porn in the Volvo right beside me. Isn't there a law against that? Can you get a cop to... Volvo, yes, Volvo - you know, the safe cars?... What's he look like? Hell, I don't know - Should I ask him to roll the window down to get a better look? Please hurry, though - somebody's getting it in the ass on the dashboard and I'm sick of being stuck wat... No, no! Just on the SCREEN. He's alone - sheesh... Ok, good. Thanks - I don't know how the cop's gonna get to us, though... What do I do in the meantine?... Just get away from the car, huh? Just how do I do that? Have you ever driven I-5 at 530PM? I'm not getting off the freeway - he probably is, though.. Damn it!"

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 3, Funny) 343

"1) exposed the fact Eric holder lied to congress multiple times concerning domestic intelligence and broad data collection against us citizens accused of no crimes. (Purgery is a crime)" -- Normally one should let grammar issues go, but it's perjury - not purgery. It sounds like you're saying that AG Holder barfed all over Congress (which he did do in a way..)

Comment Re:Why Try (Score 1) 30

And I agree that the financial industry (and anyone else who stores anything of value) would have to abandon the SSN as a key to access to our assets, but we'd just have to come up with some other replacement. We won't be able to share everything (all information) like that until we're all ready to share/give anything of ours to anyone else without question - in some kind of utopian community, where nobody wants to be better than their neighbor when it comes to physical wealth. We're still a little ways off from that...

Comment Re:Why Try (Score 1) 30

Did you just mean making SSNs public? They should be public info, like our names/address, but the number is being used as both an ID (by some) AND the password (by others). It should only be used as a ID key; utilizing it as a password is asinine.

If you meant ALL information public... That would be ok as long as it remained as anonymous data (which makes it worthless). Once it becomes "information" (grouped into meaningful data about something or someone), no thanks. If you want to, go ahead - but we'll be expecting all of your dick picks be posted alongside everyone else's - with names, addresses, phone, email, @twitter name, facebook account, etc.

Comment Re:DV (Score 1) 535

And people thought 2012 was bad... Obama and Romney were both far superior to either candidate this year.

The sad part is that a lot of people here would STILL take a dump on Mitt Romney's head if he had entered the 2016 race. (He'll forever be the "what could've been president" - especially when Chinese historians look back on our failed democratic experiment.)

Comment Agreed (Score 1) 535

I installed Mint on my wife's ancient Dell laptop for her and it does everything she needs (luckily we're not PC gamers.) If push comes to shove, I'll go with a personal Mac (like my work machine).

After two decades, I can finally and honestly tell myself I never need to run a Windows PC again. Windows 7 is the end of the line for me, and just in time considering MS's new business philosophies about privacy.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 614

or needing two incomes to raise a family.

Mostly agree, but this one point is factually incorrect. Throughout American history, there has only been one era where it possible for a one income family to pay the bills - the post-WWII generation. It was a statistical outlier. The rest of the time the USA has been a two income country - whether it was on a farm or in a city. Everyone contributed.

Comment Re:Not so fast, there... (Score 3, Interesting) 614

A few possible rabbits (mostly bad):

1) WWIII (which would have to stay conventional and our side would have to win - though casualties would be in the hundreds of millions around the world).
2) US government bankruptcy (this destroys the fiat dollar and a generation's savings, but the gov't can no longer can run up debt that squeezes discretionary spending.)
3) A second "black plague" that culls the herd around the globe and humble everyone enough so they'd be more willing to help each other out and cut people's dependence on less efficient, government-sponsored socialism.)
4) Some new technology that creates such wealth and comfort that average people no longer have to work and capitalism is transformed into something completely different.

My money's on #3.

Comment Re:Standard of living (Score 1) 614

compared to what you can get for a few hundred bucks and $30 a month.

Can you eat (or live in) that cell phone?

And inflation over the last 20-30 years has changed. Instead of mostly increasing quality or value to increase price (and thus profits), manufacturers have embraced quality cuts - like drug dealers that cut their cocaine with mystery powders. Processed foods are increasingly "processed" (even sugar is thrown out for cheaper HFCS). Metal, HQ parts are traded for plastic. Product sizes are shrunk. Instead of solid homes, we get shoddily-made stucco + chicken wire boxes with finger-jointed studs. And so on... All to feed the Wall Street beast we've sold our 401K souls to...

But I guess it is easier to find Pikachu...

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