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Comment Re:Beyond privacy (Score 1) 145

This is a straw man argument. You present the solutions as if there are no other options. The real problem with No 3 is that it fundamentally changes democratic freedoms in a way that makes it very easy to slip into a dictatorship. When those with the reigns of power have the ability to silence its critics then it is only a matter of time before they are abused. I agree that this is a hard problem to solve, but if your number 3 is the route to follow then a further step is needed. In order to maintain democratic freedom the powers granted to the state to monitor it's citizens then the same power needs to be granted to the citizens to monitor and change the state. If the state needs to monitor us to such a degree without needing to go through the courts then we should be able to monitor the agents of government to the same degree.

Comment Re:Nomad Planets = Space Vehicles for Aliens? (Score 1) 244

If you have mastered fusion and have no particular attachment to natural sunlight then why not?

A bit of insulation is not going to stop a species that can travel between the stars.

If the home star is over crowded and it is a shorter distance to an interplanetary body than another star then it could be an appealing option. Especially if it was rich in heavier elements.

Comment Re:Nomad Planets = Space Vehicles for Aliens? (Score 1) 244

OP is not claiming that life would evolve on nomads, but that other aliens would use them as stepping stones.

While there is going to be very little heat on these planets, every single atom on them bundles up a lot of energy.

I don't see why aliens of sufficient technological ability couldn't inhabit a nomad indefinitely - as long as they evolved elsewhere.

Comment Re:Why not slashdot? (Score 1) 1002

Not the only purpose. Reddit committing to going black set the ball rolling, encouraging other sites to follow suit. Also it encourages the visitors to actually do something - such as ring their representative. There are always many more lurkers than active participants.

Thankfully I did all that before I checked slashdot.

Comment It is a new ecconomic model (Score 1, Insightful) 709

It's a relatively new currency using a new model that takes free market ideas to a new extreme; there is no central authority to ease the peaks and troughs - and no long term consequences as a result. It is going to be bumpy to start with. If it is still all over the place in ten years (assuming it lasts that long) then I will consider it a failure. Meanwhile it is for speculators to have fun with. Kids these days are so impatient.

Comment Re:Real scifi isn't about predicting the future (Score 1) 258

"Alas, having the machines do all the work liberates the working man to abject poverty and crime or starvation. Economies function on scarcity, and if you don't have natural scarcity, you invent artificial scarcity." The economic system is something that almost has to change for many other changes to happen. There is no reason why it won't. The free market isn't a god, just a system that has worked well for a long time, but it is in need of a a major overhaul as the globe connects up, resources deplete, jobs dry up and computer automation make the stock market a joke.

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