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Comment Re:Comrade! (Score 1) 86

Comrade Boris is instituting the Great Leap Forward! All intellectuals and authors will be executed or reassigned by the state to hard labor. Peasantry will be expected to melt down tools in their home forges when party leadership visits. And our 5 year plan will also include agricultural reforms to ensure that there are more hungry people!

Remember Comrades, we're here...for YOU!

Comment Re:Will you do the same at the Democrat convention (Score 1) 48

Considering the stuff coming out of the 20k emails leaked by wikileaks? There's going to be a lot of very nervous people at the DNC this week, so yep I expect that they figure someone will want to fish for information and they'll likely have signs up saying only xyz are approved hotspots or some such.

Comment Re:Am I that out of touch? (Score 1) 277

WTF is going on with this race.

Easy. You have two candidates. One is the status quo( pro-big business) doing whatever the fuck it wants, while fucking you over, and telling you exactly what and how you're going to do things while supporting things like safe spaces and pushing for censorship and the banning of particular forms of speech via hate crime laws. While being a lying piece of shit that has such a shady past and more scandals then you can shake a hairy cat at.

Then, you've got the other that's ridden on the back of populist support(aka the people), who's against big business fucking people over. Is against trade agreements that put America at a disadvantage and is against the importation of workers to the US when there are people who are willing to do the jobs but companies don't want to pay the wages that Americans would want.

Personally as a Canuck? Trump is the better choice and is more likely to ensure US wealth growth then Clinton. Also with that a prosperous US is good for Canada always has been. It's very rare that we don't have serious economic problems when the US slows down. If you don't think wages aren't depressing in the US you're not paying attention. Without a parity conversion, the average Canuck now makes more then an American. And the average US wage has decreased by $3-4k in the last few years, while the prices of goods, services, energy have all gone through the roof. Whether you want to believe it or not, the US is on the verge of a deflationary spiral and it needs to be fixed fast.

Comment Re:It's obvious it won't accelerate offshoring (Score 1) 207

If you are good to your people, they will be good to you. Treat them like disposable trash, and they will dump you in a minute, the soonest they can, and spit on your memory.

That used to be the way of business before the age of the bean counters getting their fingers on everything and believing that workers are as disposable as a broken calculator. Hell one of the first jobs I ever worked at in the 90's had a pension plan, even for the people on the ground floor making $6.25/hr(today's min wage is $11.25). Good luck finding that now.


Issa Bill Would Kill A Big H-1B Loophole ( 207

ErichTheRed writes: This isn't perfect, but it is the first attempt I've seen at removing the "body shop" loophole in the H-1B visa system. A bill has been introduced in Congress that would raise the minimum wage for an H-1B holder from $60K to $100K, and place limits on the body shop companies that employ mostly H-1B holders in a pass-through arrangement. Whether it's enough to stop the direct replacement of workers, or whether it will just accelerate offshoring, remains to be seen. But, I think removing the most blatant and most abused loopholes in the rules is a good start. "The high-skilled visa program is critical to ensuring American companies can attract and retain the world's best talent," said Issa in a statement. "Unfortunately, in recent years, this important program has become abused and exploited as a loophole for companies to replace American workers with cheaper labor from overseas."

Comment Re:How would anyone be able to tell? (Score 1) 181

This is the part where you discover that eating lots of fat is also not bad or not as bad as they think. The studies have been coming hot and heavy on that one too, and it seems that hypertension is more directly related to our new lifestyle. This is echoed in other societies where they've followed the same path. One of the more interesting cases is southern okinawa, where the same is happening. People think it's the food and that's part of it, the other part is because the kids and middle-aged adults aren't doing what they did for the last 700+ years. Active working lifestyle farming, fishing and so on.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 2) 181

I don't know, Trump is the one who is openly advocating nuclear weapon proliferation in southeast Asia, which may actually be the very worst political idea I've heard yet in my 40 years.

No it's a good idea. Especially if you have never lived there, or have no family there that keeps you abreast of what's going on. MAD stopped the USSR and the US from destroying the world, China is a belligerent and has nuclear weapons. Other countries that are 1st world or somewhere between 3rd world and 1st don't have any. On top of that China has used it's ability to act in a unilateral manner because their neighbors don't have the ability to project their own power and secure their own national territory. See the most recent case with them building islands in territorially disputed areas to try to claim it. Hell at one point China tried to claim the entire water way up to 23 miles off the coast of the Philippines.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 3) 181

Strange, I thought it was hating the headscarf because it's a means of coercive punishment going as far as wearing a full bodybag in those countries on the other side of the world that like hacking peoples heads off while he states it's for religious reasons and the imams and madrassas tech that it's for religious reasons.

Comment Re:Sue them for FRAUD (Score 1) 405

I'll never get notified of a reply, so hopefully I remember to come back and check, but why do you have a message to Reddiots on your sig? I mean this is /..

I'm guessing it's because there's a large swath of idiots who were never on /. in ye olde days but get mod points and like to mod things "troll or flamebait" if it's a post that hurts their feelings.

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 333

So it sounds more like you can be bothered to spend 10 minutes to do something, and would rather piss and moan over it. Box? Nearest grocery store. Packing tape? Go buy some, everyone needs to have a roll around. No paper? How do you print things? Oh no label? When you pick up the phone you tell them you need one.

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 333

Uh seriously man. Take it from someone who used to be a dock shipper for a company(from Fedex, UPS, Canpar to the big companies like TNT to GT Intermodal). You pick up the phone, call the 800/888 number, use the context menu or talk to a representative and tell them you have a package to pick up. They'll ask when you want it picked up(up to 11pm at night if a driver is still in town for companies liek Fedex/UPS), and you wait for the driver to come by, ring the bell and take the package.

Those instructions mean that since it's a durable good, you should have carrier insurance. But since it's a return you don't need to, but it's safer then sorry. You simply put the product value in the box and mark the "insured value" box with the price of the item being returned.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 2) 333

I was more indicating the Bundy Brothers... in Oregon, apparently.

You mean where it ended in a shootout, and there's an on-going grand jury investigation into misconduct by the FBI, where the FBI is refusing to disclose information? And it's come to light that the FBI had tampered with evidence before the shooting and after the shooting?

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