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Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 175

Ahh yes. "My side is sensible. The other side is extreme/insane/[insert slur here]." That's some well-reasoned analysis there.

Does your side actually do things to help the people whose votes you want? Maybe telling them to vote for you because you helped them might work better than telling them to vote for you because otherwise you'll call them names.

Comment Re:Hillary lost because people don't like her (Score 1) 175

Given a different system, people might have voted differently. Hillary might or might not have won in that case. Anyone can make up whatever story they want about something that might have happened but didn't.

She still lost because people don't like her -- the "more than" or "less than" someone else doesn't change that.

Comment Re:Examples? (Score 1) 175

The only fake news site (besides CNN el oh el) I saw this election paraded around was the same one NPR talked about after the election. I think it was, and it's actually made by a lefty to "prove" how right-wingers will fall for stupid shit. Now, I am a right-winger, and when you sign up for the right your welcoming kit includes a firmly affixed tinfoil hat. So every time I saw something from that site posted to a right-wing forum or comments section, immediately people would respond "that's fake, don't spread that around." So lefty makes fake news, posts it to right-wing sites himself, right-wingers reject it, and then he goes to NPR and says "lol right wingers are dumb because I posted my fake news on their forums." It's the "hurr durr I was just pretending to be retarded" meme.

You would think if this evil russian propaganda were so widespread one could post a screenshot of one of the fake stories and give us some context. "Oh, Putin wants people to think X, so here's his fake site where he posted this story, and here it is being propagated around the net..." Nope. I wonder why they can't show us anything like that? Really gets the old noggin' joggin', huh?

Comment Hillary lost because people don't like her (Score 1, Insightful) 175

The "fake news" narrative is getting old. She didn't lose because of "fake news", she lost because people don't like her and because poor folks don't see Democrats in power and think "my problems will be solved" any more.

No one is going to vote any different based on telling stories about Russian influence, even if they're true stories. And you won't be able to censor the Internet effectively. If you try to, it will backfire on you.

If you want the next Democrat candidate to win, here's a suggestion for Democrats: help people. Don't just pick fights. Don't just point and jeer. Actually do something to genuinely help. Do it with a motivation to help rather than to get even with people you hate and maybe help someone in the process. Help Americans to get votes from Americans. Help a broad, inclusive population of people if you want votes from a broad population of people.

If you don't want Democrats to win, then just keep fighting. Keep calling everyone a racist or some other name. Cater exclusively to SJW crybullys who want to scream about transgenger microaggressions and cultural appropriation. Keep doing nothing for regular people. And keep telling yourself you lost because of "fake news".

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 523

Oh, okay, so it's 40% of the 2.5% of the population that is Muslim. Or about 1%. Somehow I doubt that their influence will override the will of the other 99% who don't want Sharia law.

And let's look at the state of the UK now shall we? How are all those "asian" rape gangs going(which are still-on going)? The general bending-over-backwards in general society to muslims, where not even christians get the same protections in public society for worship? Remember the trojan horse scandal? How about that schools in the same area are still pushing those views. How about the letters to parents telling parents that if their children "don't go to the mosque, that they'll be labeled racist and it will go in their permanent education file." Sorry, seems I have a better idea of what's going on in your own backyard then you do.

Comment Re:Fire up SJWs, make my day (Score 1) 229

In business you need to care about the majority.

Too bad many businesses are happier to cater to those screaming ctrl-leftists, and ignore those in the majority. Then again, with the gaming press it sure back fired on them. All those people who published the "gamers are dead" articles are no longer in the industry and the sites that pushed it all have had a significant drop in traffic and have yet to recover. Several of those sites lost so much traffic that they were killed by their parent company. One can also see this with "The Red Pill" documentary here in Canada, a theater decided to bow to the almighty feminist horde and withdraw a screen rental. Their sales have already dropped 30%

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 523

Where did you get these figures?

You've clearly more informed about Muslim attitudes in the UK than I am, and I live there!

From your own media. You are paying attention right? The 40% of muslims wanting sharia was in the UK press a bit ago. The others? Just dig through the news over the last 2 years, you'll find the polls.

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