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Submission + - Google Earth to go FULLY 3D with Automated Image-Based Modeling Algorithms (

An anonymous reader writes: Google Earth has featured (some) textured 3D buildings and 3D terrain since 2006. New image-based modeling algorithms that process 45-degree Aerial Images automatically, however, will allow Google Earth to display entire 3D Cities with fully texture-mapped, accurately modeled 3 dimensional buildings, roads, trees and landscaping/terrain. This Youtube video released by Google shows how effective the technique is at capturing urban areas in 3D. The resulting 3D cities look almost like a high-altitude view of a fully modeled 3D city in games like Grand Theft Auto. If Google shares its new 3D cities data with outsiders, we could see games like Flight Simulator featuring cities where every single building, road, bridge, tree and hill that exists in the real world is represented in glorious and accurate 3D in the virtual world of the game.

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