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Comment Russian humour (Score 1) 166

Russian humour, which overlaps a lot with Brazilian humour, was a glory to me when I learned Russian. This joke is my favourite, I've updated it a little but not too much.

Hey Sergei! Long time no see! Is that a wedding ring?
Yes my old friend, it is a wedding ring.
I never thought that you of all people get married.
Well, I got tired of eating at McDonalds.
And now..?
And now I like eating at McDonalds.

By the bye, I learned Russian to read Tolstoi in the original and I discovered that the transalation is better.

Comment Re:When? (Score 1) 267

Who cares anymore? Gnome 3 could have special in a good way but instead it was special in an OMG way. They had a chance and blew it. If they had eaten their crow warm the situation could have been salvaged but now half their user base has abandoned them and the other half has become divided. It's going to be hard for them to maintain a critical mass in the long term.

Ubuntu has a similar problem but not so pronounced. I'm typing this on a Kubuntu computer and I have no complaints with it. I've tried Unity twice and rejected it both times, once because it was ugly and once because it was unusable. Ubuntu is bigger than Unity though while Gnome can't be bigger than Gnome.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 105

So any planets outside the goldilocks zone are unbearable?

There's no way to know for sure but I've often wondered if Earth being a binary plant and the warmer Earth core from the tidal force of the Moon affects where the goldilocks zone is. It'll certainly have made a difference on the volcanoes that broke snowball earth and the resultant explosion of complex life, and also on the intertidal zone that must have been so important when life later moved from water to land.

There are two binary planets in our solar system out of perhaps twenty in total so very roughly that hopefully indicates that 10% of these exoplanets might have suitable moons. That's a very promising percentage when looking for complex life in other systems.

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