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Comment hope they loose (Score 1) 455

I hate Apple, but I do hope the family looses as it's just ridiculous to sue Apple for something they didn't do and are not responsible for, the only person responsible for this is the driver that used the app.. This really sounds like a moneygrabbing sceme. Or better yet, sue the carcompanies for making cars that buckle during a crash, hell sue carcompanies for making cars that can crash.. LOL..

Comment Re:IMAX (Score 1) 142

You only know IMAX from the old 70mm format, but IMAX is/was more than just the 70mm format. 'IMAX' as we know it now is the whole experience just like THX (lucasfilm) is/was, and it was already used long before TDK shot some scenes on 70mm. The IMAX label is used for how a theatreroom is setup, with audio/visual, just like the Dolby cinema label now. It's not only the screensize..

Comment Re: Um (Score 1) 492

Well, if you have epilepsy and you know that even a simple video of strobing lights can induce it, than yes you should make sure autoplay is off. As there are many video's who have strobing effects and might be dangerous to you..
You should protect yourself, it's not the responsibility of someone else..
So if there is an option to block autoplay, then IMHO he himself is to blame, not the person who send him the video/animated gif..

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 96

thanx, really hadn't read about it, which is strange.. I found the part about the firemen not cutting the car due to being afraid of being electrocuted an interesting part of the story. It does mean it will be time for the firepeople to learn how to handle a crashed electric car as they will become more and more popular..

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