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Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

"now if your regular gasoline car had a flat battery, how would putting a gallon of petrol in do any good?"
I just use a bypassing car for jumpstarting, or (if it's not an automatic) you just let someone push until it starts.
But we're talking here about 'fuel' running out, not another malfunction.. Because electric cars can also have multiple malfunctions, just like a regular petrol car..

Comment One problem (Score 1) 990

Yes it is possible that electric vehicles meet 90% of the rides needs, but all FULL!! electric vehicles cost at least twice what the equivilant gasoline powered car costs.. And a lot of people just don't have the money to buy a new car, even have trouble buying a used car.. So it'll take at least a decade or two before most gasoline cars are replaced with an electric version..
Also a second problem is, as mentioned here a lot already, charging.. A lot of people don't have a parkingspace with a charger next to it, most parkinglots only have a few spots.. So unless more and more spaces get a charging spot next to it (maybe just convert all lampposts to a charging spot) OR a full charge is reduced to 5-10 minutes, then it'll take a time before people are confident enough to use their electric vehicle a lot more..
Let's not forget, a lot of the current 'electric' vehicled are hybrids, which have a small battery which is hardly enough for even a citydrive and have a gasolinepowered generator for the rest of the drive..

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 0) 990

uhmm. you do know electric cars have just as much maintenance as a gasoline car, has just as much breakdown time as a gasoline car (especially the latter, maybe even more, as my boss has his 3 year old car just as much in the shop as I have with my 20 year old high milage cherokee.. And he has had his car stall because there was no charge left, he had to tow his car, whereas with a regular gasoline car you just get a gallon of petrol and you drive on.. And as said, not everybody has a parkingspace with an outlet at their home.. It's great if you have always have a charging point at home and at work, but even at our work, there is only 1 outlet, and guess who is charging his car there... Yes outlets are popping up more and more, and in a decade or so, it'll certainly be everywhere, but not right now..

Comment really (Score 1) 260

It would have been news if the person actually started the lawsuit, but now, it's just somebody yelling and not actually having suid the studio..
And I think any decent lawyer would have advised against it, as the chance of winning is zero.. Trailers are know to have scenes which do not make it into the movie, mostly due to the trailers being cut before the actual movie is finished..

Comment ok.. (Score 1) 207

I guess the EU should look into that then, as due to monopoly position those companies have, they should not be allowed to just delete content from anyones computer.. I even think it is illegal in a lot of countries to delete stuff without the consent of the user.. But if it all goes through, I guess Linux will start to get even more popular..
I also don't understand on who's authority they can do this for every country.. they can't..

Comment Re:How do I change a user's password (Score 0) 440

The reason you know how to change your password in linux is because you have 'googled' it, otherwise you also wouldn't have known.. And I guess you haven't 'googled' it for windows 10, otherwise you would have known.. oh maybe you could even have used the 'search/help' option in windows 10 itself.. It's not like linux is so much easier, everytime I have to work with linux I have to use 'google' if I just want to do something, and mostly it's because something gone wrong after a simple update/upgrade...

Comment hmmm.. (Score 1) 128

great another clickbait title.... In reality Tesla already were planning on ditching them before the so called crash nonsense.. They already were upgrading their autopilot project and had already attracted developers and technicians before the (much hyped) news broke about the so called crash.. But now they media wants to spin it like it was because of the so called crash, as that is much more sensational than what actually is going on...

Comment ridiculous (Score 1) 79

And that's just f-ing ridiculous, as a developer you don't have any choice but to go through iOS app store, so you'll always have to give money to apple.. 30% off all in-app purchases is really REALLY ridiculous, they are just a bunch of thiefs, as always riding on the back of others.. (just like almost all of their products just being ripped from others and put in a nice shiny cover and sold)..

Comment Re:Beyond a doubt (Score 1) 166

I'll take the 'word' of the log files over the driver.. If the system is under investigation it doesn't mean everything about the system is crap, logging is something I would have all confidence in, computer decision based on information collected from sensors is something I would have less confidence in, but then again, I have even less confidence in the drivers his story..

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