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Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 96

thanx, really hadn't read about it, which is strange.. I found the part about the firemen not cutting the car due to being afraid of being electrocuted an interesting part of the story. It does mean it will be time for the firepeople to learn how to handle a crashed electric car as they will become more and more popular..

Comment Re:I need to see more (Score 1) 711

Even Einstein said he might be wrong, and has been proven wrong on occasion.. You do know laws of physics are created by men and are not actual definite, they help us understand stuff, but in some regards they can even work against us understanding stuff as some scientists are too rigor to just see past it.. There are still so many things that just cannot be explained using our current 'laws of physics' and yet they still occur.. A real scientist keeps asking questions and never believes something is definite..

This EM-drive seems legit, and yet it can't be explained why it works, but it does..
Back in the day people thought the earth was flat, and if you thought otherwise you were a heretic and got burned/hanged/drowned/head chopped off/etc, and see, now we do know the world is round.. There is still a lot we don't know..

Comment Re:I blame 2016 (Score -1, Offtopic) 711

Well, laws of physics are created by humans to understand and explain how things work, they are far from absolute (yes some scientists really believe they are absolute, dumbass scientists that is). There are still so many mysteries that cannot be exlpained using the 'laws of physics' as they are now, so even in that regard you know these 'laws' are not definite..

Comment Impossible (Score 1) 167

It's just impossible to test everything in your test enviroment. There is NO test suite that will allow you to test everything with a 100% gaurantee it will be bugfree in production. Yes, maybe in a simple very limited app on a very limited OS it will be possible. But with the very extensive configurations (settings/drivers/etc) with modern OSses which run on a gazillion different configured hardware, it's just impossible.
Ofcourse the marketing people of those test suites (and a lot of developers who swear by test driven development (which ofcourse is a good practise, that aside)) will make you believe it is possible to create bugfree software... But then reality strikes..........

Comment propably (Score 1) 127

it's propably due to most new tablets not being anything really better than the previous versions OR if they are, the price is almost twice as much as when the previous tablet released.. To me there just aren't any good midrange tablets, and most tablets which are pretty solid have been on the market already for 2 years..

Comment funny (Score 1) 214

This is funny, as more and more is clear the Pro-Brexit campaign was lying their ass off. the first thing they did after they won was break their big promise of spending billions of pounds on care. And now a lot of people who find out the thruth about being lied to by the Pro-brexit people are getting angry.. Funny thing is, they want a new round for voting, but that's being nixed.
Brexit was never good for anyone, expect the people who ran the campaign..

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