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Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 114

I had no problem installing Linux, it was the upgrades (which I even mistook for regular updates as there really wasn't much difference in the announcement) which fubarred the installations.. Yeah you can call BS on my install, but it's just a fact... And a lot of people also never had any problems with installing/upgrading windows. There is NO OS that is free of problems, that just doesn't exist.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 114

yeah great, 3 times when upgraded my Linux it broke and I had to completely reinstall it (didn't have the patience to actually find out how to fix it after a bunch of tries didn't work), so don't go telling me that upgrading Linux is always without a problem.. I only started having problems with upgrading windows from 10 to anniversary update, and it just crapped out after upgrading to creator (reverted back to anniversary update)..

Comment it's just another.... (Score 1) 417

It's just another framework we've had for ages..
I see it with so many languages, all they do is add functions we already created in the past as standard options. It's really nothing new..
A problem with a lot of newer frameworks, is that a developer doesn't have any idea anymore as how it actually works underneath, so if something doesn't work they can't figure out why as they don't have the understanding (doesn't mean you have to know all the ins and outs).
Problem these days is, there are sooooo many frameworks, and everytime a new framework pops up it'll be a favorite for a while and then we all have to move over to the next new hip framework even if it doesn't actually add anything new to the previous one.

Comment Problem is google, not bk (Score 1) 448

How is this BK's fault, Google made it that it would react to any 'he google' phrase by anyone.. It's google's fault.. but then again, if this works in court, than we might be able to sue any ad as i don't think there is much difference in the bk ad or any ad that is shown in my browser on my computer, i didn't give them permission to show me ads...

Comment Do the same.. (Score 1) 505

Every country which is required to provide the information to enter the US should also do the exact same to people coming from the US. I'll bet a lot of US citizens will start bitching and scream that it would be ridiculous, but then just tell them, "that's exactly what our citizens have to do when they enter your country"..

Comment Re: Obvious solution (Score 1) 237

You really are ignorant.. who says this company wasn't using linux? And if his firing has anything to do with him being able to use linux.. sorry, but you're just an ignorant moron for suggesting that linux makes you a happier admin, a real admin doesn't give a shit what system he has to use...

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