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Comment ridiculous (Score 1) 79

And that's just f-ing ridiculous, as a developer you don't have any choice but to go through iOS app store, so you'll always have to give money to apple.. 30% off all in-app purchases is really REALLY ridiculous, they are just a bunch of thiefs, as always riding on the back of others.. (just like almost all of their products just being ripped from others and put in a nice shiny cover and sold)..

Comment Re:Beyond a doubt (Score 1) 166

I'll take the 'word' of the log files over the driver.. If the system is under investigation it doesn't mean everything about the system is crap, logging is something I would have all confidence in, computer decision based on information collected from sensors is something I would have less confidence in, but then again, I have even less confidence in the drivers his story..

Comment why? (Score 1) 329

3 incidents have been reported on through the media, 1 was a fatal accident which was even because the driver was watching a movie instead of even looking at the road. 1 incident has been confirmed the autopilot wasn't even on, and the other is still not confirmed if it was on/off, although that one was a situation Tesla warns it is not correct...
It's not like there haven't been a lot of accidents with older cruisecontrols or laneassist before, so why not just disable ALL those extra functions...
People are warned Auto Pilot needs you to keep your hands on the wheel and eye's on the road (just like with regular cruise control/lane assist), so if people just blatently ignore those warnings, it's the drivers fault, not the system..

Comment Re:The summary is false. (Score 1) 297

And let's not forget, the second incident actually wasn't confirmed the autopilot was on, according to data at tesla it wasn't, but the driver hadn't responded to calls from tesla for more information.. Also in this case we don't know if autopilot was actually on, the driver says so, but it doesn't mean it was.. But then again, looking at the crashphoto's of the third report, it seems to be a road which is on the tesla 'problem list' (no road divider etc), but then again, the car should notify the driver that it has problems with finding markings it needs for proper autopilot.

Comment uhhh.. (Score 1) 170

and yet there hasn't been a decend 10" tablet released with good specs since the Motorolla Xoom or Nexus 10, most have way to large bezels, or have crap big physical buttons(samsung), or are just plain ugly (silver).. Still waiting for a good tablet with a rubberized back (like the Nexus 5, or the top of the Xoom), small bezels, good battery and a decent screen (at least FullHD)..

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Except in this case the voters were manipilated with promises that were dropped the moment the referendum had ended and was won.. People didn't have a clue what they were voting for, all they thought was that it would be benificiary to them, but didn't know it would cost them much MUCH more...

Comment Re:Not feasible, he's shirking responsibility (Score 1) 265

oh please, the tech is ready, but it also comes with a warning to have your hands on the wheel and keep your attention on the road.. If the dumbass ignores the guidelines completely and goes off watching a movie without having his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road, then it's the dumbass his own fault.. If he would have used the system as designed and marketed, he would not have been killed.. But thanks to this moron there is a situation which will be fixed in the next incarnation of the tesla autopilot system..

Comment uhhh... (Score 1) 99

what nonsense is this? All reviews I saw is that the RX480 doesn't even outperform the 2 year old 970 in most games, it does have a slight increase on DX12 games, but marginal.. The RX480 cannot make it's promises true in real benchmarks (as in actual games etc).. Yes it's cheaper than the 970, but the 970 is a little bit faster on a lot of games. And especially on powerconsumption the RX480 is a real let down, for a GPU which was manufactured on a much smaller size..
I certainly would wait before buying this card until nvidia has released the 1060, but you certainly would not replace your 970 with an RX480..

Comment Re:As someone with a brain who has lived life (Score 1) 451

So it should slow-down even if the pedestrian is on the sidewalk? How about the pedestrian just watches where he/she's going instead of just ignoring everything around them when they are looking at their smartphone.. But if you let the car slow down when a pedestrian enters the driveway but it isn't on crossways etc, then you know people will just walk into the streets knowing the cars will stop anyway, so even more jerks will hold up the traffic..

Comment BS.... (Score 1) 189

Oh, and who reported it? is there real evidence? Because if this is real, why didn't a lot of users get the same 'threath'..
Reading the original article I don't even see a decent Source, I even see it has a badly written email which I think is even more a fishing mail than a real mail from facebook..
To me, this just looks more like the original article write wanted some extra traffic to his site without really investigating the actual claim if it's true..

Comment Stupid (Score 2) 140

So instead of just making sure the user learns from the bad input, we'll just let them go ahead.. Sorry, but to me it's just stupid, yes it might be annoying at times, but if it happens a lot, then you might want to consider fixing the problem yourself and not let a system help you with your own faults during entering the password.. If the capslock is on, just tell the user the capslock is on, not help them circumvent it..

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