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Comment dumb people (Score 1) 70

How is streaming not downloading? the data is downloaded to your device and then decoded and shown to you, only difference is that with streaming the amount downloaded is always only a small part of the large file, but in the end if you've watched the movie, you've downloaded all the data 'and deleted' it..
Really, how do these people get to keep their jobs, they are dumb as hell..

Comment Hypocrites (Score 0) 233

The US are a bunch of hypocrites, bitching at other countries for cyberwar, but itself having one of the largest outfits in cyberwar.. Bitching at other countries for wanting to create their own nuclear weapons, but itself having the largest depot and even creating new ones..
If the US has nuclear weapons than any country is entitled to their own (that doesn't mean I like countries like NK or Iran having nuker, but they have just as much right to them as the US).
If the US wants other countries not to have specific weapons they should dismantle their own at a much faster pace, and not create new better ones or expand their arsenal..

Comment it's sad (Score 1) 207

it's sad DRM is needed, but people are responsible for that themselves. If people would never have ripped copies then DRM would never have been needed.
Now, for the internet to be "universal", that's just a load of crap, as a lot sites do not work acros a lot of browser, mostly they only work in the webdev's favorite browser (which mostly is Chrome or Safari), even though those browsers are acting more like what dev's in the past accused IE6 for doing (going beyond the defined specifications)..

Comment sorry but.. (Score 1) 354

If you can't speak English on a certain level then you no business to drive people around. Learn the god damn language (of the country you're gonna live in) as soon as possible and as good as possible.. I also hate it when I have to talk to someone who speak so broken English (or my native language), where you have to repeat a lot over and over for them to understand or them to you..

Comment good example.. (Score 1) 1149

It's a good example why it's a bad idea for people to walk around with guns (or knives).... If he didn't have a gun all he would be able to have done is beat the guy up, but that would be easier for the crowd to control..
Even though I like guns very much, it should not be available (easily) to regular citizens. Most people are killed by their own guns by accident, and that should tell something.. But then again, most people are just too stupid to understand that.

Comment Re:Disappointing? (Score 1) 122

Sometimes it's not that simple to fix bugs, a lot of other applications depend on systemwide features, so you cannot change the workings (if they have followed the API as it was intended) to fix security bugs. It also has to be tested thoroughly, and that just takes time. And as I say, some 'bugs' maybe aren't even fixable due to how the API works.
Also this team are a bunch of hypocrites, because they have extended publication beyond the 90 days of google software themselves..
It's a security flaw, but it doesn't mean it's an actual bug, it may work as intended, but is now seen as a potential security threat.

Comment BS (Score 1) 318

If there's a talent shortage, then why are people being fired and replaced with H-1B workers, which actually have to be trained by the people that are being fired.. This is BS, there is no shortage, but those H-1B workers are just much cheaper, even though they cannot do the work as good as the original employees..

Comment So.. (Score 1) 262

Well, some players can't play a shooter with a joypad if their life depended on it. These are more likely the people who (also) buy such adaptors. I have a fragfx and a another 'mouse' for the PS3 to play shooters, as I just cannot get a handle on using the controller. And I do want to play such games on a console, so I have to resort to using controllers like that.
And to be honest, I've seen more than enough people playing with controllers who are much better than people with their KB/M combo.
But there is no reason why a console cannot support KB/M directly, and developers just have to activate the support. Most standard engines like UE4/Unity/CryEngine have it built in, even on consoles, but they (most of the time) don't let you define your own controls, even though the engine has all support for it. Would love to be able to just assign my own buttonscheme for my joypad as only being able to select from a few standard layouts..

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