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Comment BS (Score 1) 317

If there's a talent shortage, then why are people being fired and replaced with H-1B workers, which actually have to be trained by the people that are being fired.. This is BS, there is no shortage, but those H-1B workers are just much cheaper, even though they cannot do the work as good as the original employees..

Comment So.. (Score 1) 262

Well, some players can't play a shooter with a joypad if their life depended on it. These are more likely the people who (also) buy such adaptors. I have a fragfx and a another 'mouse' for the PS3 to play shooters, as I just cannot get a handle on using the controller. And I do want to play such games on a console, so I have to resort to using controllers like that.
And to be honest, I've seen more than enough people playing with controllers who are much better than people with their KB/M combo.
But there is no reason why a console cannot support KB/M directly, and developers just have to activate the support. Most standard engines like UE4/Unity/CryEngine have it built in, even on consoles, but they (most of the time) don't let you define your own controls, even though the engine has all support for it. Would love to be able to just assign my own buttonscheme for my joypad as only being able to select from a few standard layouts..

Comment great.. (Score 1) 124

and the next thing you read is that it will take years before it's actually production ready.. And by that time there will have been new advances being made in batteryland..
How many times in the past have we read that some professor/university has created a much better battery, and how many of those have actually been made already....... none....
So take this news with a barrel of salt..

Comment simple (Score 1) 489

it's designers that need work and want to stand out and differ from others, and doing a right user interface is something that has been done before and would not stand out. To me, most modern UI's are really bad, and I'm one that want a lot of information in one view, not having to go through hundreds of pages because the designers thought it was cool having 3 lines on one screen instead of 30 or 60..

Comment hmmm.. (Score 1) 377

two problems, first why was his laptop stolen from his car (which makes me believe he left it on a seat and not secured in the trunk (as most employers and insurancecompanies demand), second, how did he know that person was actually the one who stole the laptop, maybe she just got it as a present not knowing it was stolen. So why posting her name/info on other boards and friends before just actually getting her information and giving it to the police..
If she didn't steal the laptop, he might even be sued by her for doing what he did. So next time before you go publicly accusing someone, you must make sure you're 100% sure the other person was actually the one who stole the device.

And then also, if he's a security expert, how could that person even log into his laptop.

Comment humbug.. (Score 1) 399

that's crap, as I really like 3D, I won't buy a TV which doesn't have 3D capabilities (passive or active). I'd rather have 3D than HDR or even 4K (although 4K is excellent for FullHD passive 3D).

Comment hope they loose (Score 1) 455

I hate Apple, but I do hope the family looses as it's just ridiculous to sue Apple for something they didn't do and are not responsible for, the only person responsible for this is the driver that used the app.. This really sounds like a moneygrabbing sceme. Or better yet, sue the carcompanies for making cars that buckle during a crash, hell sue carcompanies for making cars that can crash.. LOL..

Comment Re:IMAX (Score 1) 142

You only know IMAX from the old 70mm format, but IMAX is/was more than just the 70mm format. 'IMAX' as we know it now is the whole experience just like THX (lucasfilm) is/was, and it was already used long before TDK shot some scenes on 70mm. The IMAX label is used for how a theatreroom is setup, with audio/visual, just like the Dolby cinema label now. It's not only the screensize..

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