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Submission + - New Microsoft SideShow 'PDA' will cost only $80 (

Handheld With Care writes: Microsoft has been describing its upcoming handheld 'SideShow' devices as just a little friend for your PC, which lets you take your downloaded emails, contacts and schedule away from the desktop for offline reading — But some Microsoft-branded prototypes being quietly shown around by developers in Asia are looking like considerably more than that. With a full QWERTY keyboard and media player functions, they're encroaching on the territory of PDAs, smartphones and the iPod. Has Microsoft got a bigger market on its mind, perhaps? Whatever the target market, the prices sound surprisingly cheap: from $80 for a palm-sized bluetooth touchscreen, up to $150 for a VGA-width device with sliding keyboard — with a claimed 16-hour battery life.

Submission + - Unix Laptop unveiled by Asus for $200

mjrobinson writes: Last week Asus released the spec for a neat Unix Laptop priced at $200. The price is kept low by using a small screen, using flash instead of a hard disk and of course using Unix rather than Vista. It's got speakers, a small web cam, wifi and between 2gb and 16gb flash. There's no need to queue up with the kids in Africa as they aim to sell it world wide from August this year.
The Internet

Submission + - Texas arrests sex offenders using myspace (

Hydian writes: Found this little story about how Myspace's list of sex offenders is being used (not that we didn't see this coming.)

Seven convicted sex offenders with profiles on have been arrested in what Texas officials said was the country's first large-scale crackdown of registered offenders who use the social networking Web site.


Submission + - The Black And White Ball Con: Tickets Go On Sale (

An anonymous reader writes: The Black And White Ball Security Conference due to be held in London, UK September 18th-21st at the interntionally acclaimed Ministry of Sound nightclub, today finally started to sell tickets to the long awaited event which will feature Richard Thieme and Oxblood Ruffin as keynote speakers and is supported by the world famous Cult Of The Dead Cow. From the original PR "Presented in a unique two track format, The Ball will run for 4 days — the first two bringing the latest in hacker techniques and attacks, the last two presenting the cutting-edge of security defence mechanisms and strategies. Tickets now on sale!" A full speakers list can be seen here, you can buy your tickets here.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Dutch escort agency to service geek virgins

Anonymous Coward82 writes: The Register reports that Dutch escort agency Society Service has set up a special service for geek virgins looking for that elusive first sexual encounter. Sociology student Zoe Vialet set up the agency last year, Ananova reports, and admits she's had "a lot of demand from virgins" — most of them from the IT sector. She explained to De Telegraaf: "They are very sweet but are afraid of seeking contact with other people. They mean it very well but are very scared." Zoe has a crack team of five girls "specially trained" to pop geeks' cherries. However, those readers tempted to avail themselves of their charms are warned it's not just a case of stump up the cash, insert your floppy in the drive, eject and then off for a pizza.

Submission + - Wii still #1

Pompatus writes: "According to cnet, U.S. sales of video games, hardware and accessories rose 33 percent year over year to $1.1 billion in March, propelled by sales of new consoles, according to market researcher NPD Group. The Wii was again the No. 1 current-generation video game console, selling 259,000 units in March, NPD said Thursday. I want one!"

Submission + - Open Call For Submissions -

Darren Di Lieto writes: "This is an open call for submissions was created by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and editor of LCSV4, after toying with the idea of doing a collaborative project that everyone involved in gets something out of. MAiLmeART is a little project designed to test your skills, make you some money and give you the chance to have a bit of fun. Oh!.. and win some really cool prizes.

Submissions can be envelopes or packages which have been drawn on, painted , dipped in acid, covered in paper mache (anything you want really) but they must look amazing and they must have travelled though the post with the postman able to see the work, so you can't paint a canvas and wrap it up and post it to me. The wrapping is your canvas or in most cases an envelope.

Thanks for your time!
-Darren Di Lieto
LCSV4 Editor"

MS Releases New Media Player Firefox Plugin 191

SilentChris writes "Microsoft today released a new Media Player plugin for Firefox that resolves the problems users of the older version were experiencing. According to the company's Port 25 blog, it's backwards compatible with Windows Media Player 6.4. The plugin is for Windows XP and Vista only, but if you have to watch WMV video at least it's less likely to crash your browser."

Submission + - VT Massacre - Blaming Video Games Commences

Trails writes: Predictably, Jack Thompson is already blaming the VT massacre on video games []. In the video, Foxnews described JT as a "school shooting expert", before allowing him to rhyme off a littany of false or misleading claims about previous school shootings and how video games were the underlying factor of each. has posted an article dissecting JT's claims here.

Elsewhere, has posted a story about Dr. Phil blaming the massacre on video games while appearing on Larry King's show. His claim amounts to "video games can set off psychopaths", essentially taking as given the pre-condition that someone is a psychopath.

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