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Comment Re:Sounds like more H1B are on their way. (Score 1) 158

Funny how many illegals built Trump's properties? Why didn't he hire real Americans?

Who was the party that supported outsourcing? Who created a whole department in the White House funded by tax payers to help corporations fire Americans and replace them with foreign counterparts?

You think protectionism and higher wages will force your boss to pay you more if they can't bring in Indians? Or will they give someone in Bangalore an AD admin account or root access to do the work there and just not bother to bring anyone into the office for IT work?

What will happen is if these positions can't be filled they will start outsourcing more and since they alreayd have an office in India now they will just eventually move the whole IT department there for cost savings since they didn't have one pre-trump thanks to protectionism.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 442

You WANT TRUMP at the hands of you all the nukes of the United States?? Really?! Do you actually feel calm and secure with that idea?

Do you want someone who is scared of a girl reporter at Fox news to represent you in a heated showdown with China or Russia? You want a man who encourages Russia to commit espionage against his own country to be in charge of crucial decisions?

Politics is not football! There is a lot at stake and voting for the red elephant because of ideology is stupid. Clinton is more conservative too by the way if you are a capitalist. Trump is not and you can look up his scary stances on free trade and protectionism if you want to prove me wrong.

FYI if a democrat had the same flaws I would vote straight GOP! So I am not biased more than I have a brain. Sorry but who is the idiot here? Hillary I am more comfortable if China or Russia threatens us in the office. I am more comfortable in her decision making and hiring staff and handling touch decisions and working with both parties.

Comment Dear Slashdot... (Score 2) 118

(..) the DNC is one big corporate bride.

Okay, we already knew that correct spelling isn't a job requirement for /. editors.
But FAILing to do a simple copy & paste of an article's title? Hell, even some 6y olds can handle that...

Can't /. editors take themselves out of the process, or something? Just write up a couple of scripts to automate the 'editing' and be done with it?

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 370

I disagree. Yes it is popular to hate the OS as satan here on slashdot.

Windows 10 anniversary over 7 has:
1. Much better battery life for laptops and not just portables
2. Native wifi and NFC printing
3. Native USB 3 and USB type C drivers
4. Stable NVMe (7 is backported with 3rd party drivers that are buggy)
5. Hyper-V (A Must for any IT professional!). Yes you can run native Ubuntu and Fedora with a generation 2 VM
6. Better JavaScript performance (in Chrome)
7. Cloud integration with azure with Azure Active Directory. Some businesses prefer this model over having an expensive IT department
8. Ink works well on MS surface and hybrids for OneNote and Sticky Notes. I own a Surface Pro 3 and yes it is a work tool for me that is ultra portable

You could not pay me to go back on Windows 7. The only good thing I have to say about Windows 7 is it is very stable and has a consistent gorgeous UI with aero. But like XP it is showing it's age with 3rd party drivers that do not work well, terrible battery life, and it does not work as well with modern hardware.

Comment Meaningless (Score 1) 507

"Solving" the problem centrally is meaningless, because you cannot know, for example, how much more I would enjoy an extra set of forks than you would enjoy a spare bicycle tire. Only the people involved in the outcomes can negotiate this directly, as peers, to determine a mutually-agreeable answer. An algorithm cannot do it in their place.

Comment Re:does he even know anything about DNA ? (Score 1) 203

A 100000 year-old piece of code is not "outdated" if the original software is 4 billion years old. In fact, it is actually brand new.

Yeah... Debian experimental-style new. But a lot depends on your definition of "original"; quite a few patches have been made over time so perhaps little (if any) of the original code is left.

As for 100,000 year-old code: pfff... I keep a some local repositories around that see regular updates. Daily *and* nightly builds, a full suite of regression tests on real hardware, automated backups... the works.

On a side note: the hell with versioning or changelogs. Just kick out a stable release every couple of years, stick a funny name on it, and call it a day.

Comment Re: Read some Engels (Score 1) 507

Decentralised communism? There is a need for a self-starter regulating set of rules governing a mass of human so that beneficial self-organisation is likely. Selfishnessand, greed and the love of money and power (sglmp) are the enemies here. Neoliberalism basically dresses those enemies as unquestionably good idols to worship, bringing us to a larger more abstract version of early caveman religious cults. Communism in the Soviet style is what happens when these self-same human tendencies (sglmp) run amok in the corridors of government. The problem of ideal societies is that they tend to asume away the problems of building such societies out of real humans.

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