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Submission + - The secret to be energised in five minutes (budurl.com)

palwat2003 writes: Who else would imagine that by reading this article you could learn how to find a superb energy drink. A drink that you could carry in your pocket, handbag or brief case. An energy drink where you just add water when you want to gain an energy boost.

Submission + - Cellphones to provide traffic map without GPS

SunSaw writes: The CBC reports today that Rogers wireless will be using cellphone triangulation to pinpoint users stuck in traffic and then beam that info back to their LiveTraffic subscribers. As an added bonus, all personal information is scrubbed from the data.

Submission + - Study reveals what women want from IT jobs

amigoro writes: "Ever wonder why there are so few women in the IT workplace? It turns out that the typical recruiters sales pitch emphasizing job promotion and security acts to keep women out of the information technology jobs. While about 30 percent indicated they valued careers that afforded them opportunities to perfect skills in technical areas, others said they wanted careers with managerial opportunities. In addition, there was little overlap among the women who reported that managers give up technical skills to develop management skills."

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