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Comment Re:It's research... (Score 2) 81

WSPR tells you when communication paths are open between two points at a specific frequency and S/N ratio. This is useful but does not span the extent of research that HAARP is directed to. One of the most interesting things about HAARP is that it can incite the formation of radio-reflective regions in the ionosphere. That takes a lot of power.

Comment Re:Sacrificing American opportunity (Score 1, Insightful) 89

Well more companies hiring Americans is a good thing. If these more companies do nothing but ship money overseas then they are nothing but leaches.

So what you're saying is, Americans can't be wealth builders any more, yes?

We'll be the worker class, while everyone else in the world comes in and builds wealth for themselves.

While there is a "slim positive view" you can put on the situation, the fact remains that it gives away opportunity to foreign people at the expense of Americans.

Comment Sacrificing American opportunity (Score 1) 89

I'm all for bringing the talent to the US. If they have what it takes to start a successful company then fine, but their companies should employ local labor once started.

Why should Americans have to sacrifice their own opportunities for this?

And as others have pointed out, even voting for your congressperson wouldn't help.

One wonders what voting is for, or what benefit we get from paying taxes.

Comment Re:Weirdly specific statement (Score 1) 36

The significance of this is Elon Musk, who is the self-driving Uber of billionaires and is the hero of our times.

Well, I knew Steve Jobs well enough, and have met a few civilian astronauts and a bunch of other rich people. None of the others seem to have done so much for the long-term future of the human race as Musk has in leading the path to more affordable spaceflight.

Comment Re:Sixty Years Ago... (Score 2) 36

Well, it beats making them into the world's most complicated airplanes as with the space shuttle. SpaceX has proven that they can do vertical landings of the first stage intact onto both land and a seagoing barge; after a trip out of the atmosphere and to about 1/5 of orbital velocity but not into orbit. They plan to do a parachute-less vertical landing of the Dragon capsule after a heat-shield re-entry. That turns out to be far less expensive and complicated than a space plane. It does turn out we need a lifting body for much larger vehicles. It still doesn't have to be a plane, though.

We don't need wings.

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