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Comment Re:When? (Score 1) 979

Why does it need to model the human brain?

I work with expert systems doing simulation for engineering analysis. There are experimental systems today that can actually engineer parts, through trial and error. They take a specification for a part or assembly, and start making parts. Do FEA on em, change em, do it again, over and over. Eventually they reach optimal designs that fit the specification and can even blow it away regarding weight, strength, cost to produce, etc. All with minimal human input. It just takes time and uses existing system designs and analysis procedures. These systems will be the norm in 5-10 years as the hardware to use them becomes more cost effective, as in they run in decent time frames. No "AI" (as in human analog) anywhere in sight. Systems like this can be used to do all sorts of things. No special advancements needed except faster computers.

Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

It does not seem you, as an AC wuss, that knowing what communism IS as important to this discussion. If you actually READ Marx, you would understand what is being spoken of.

READ A BOOK. Communism is not what you all think it is. Oh well. American's, reading, about communism from the AUTHORS, thats too much too ask.

Good luck.

Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

Communism is about the PEOPLE owning the entire means of production, not the State. In fact, if you READ some Marx, communism CANNOT EXIST IF THERE IS A STATE. Lenin, Mao, Stalin, etc. all took advantage of this to call themselves communist but in a transition "phase" where the evil of having a STATE was a necessary transition to true communism. It was capitalism in disguise.

It does not mean your neighbor owns your car, or that you do not have a right to be an individual, quite the opposite. But you wouldn't know anything about that because you obviously have NO CLUE what communism is. Not even the slightest shred of a clue.

Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

Jesus, read a book why don't you.

Communism is the ultimate democracy, in fact it is PURE democracy. It is the ulimate expression of freedom and self-expression ever laid to paper, unfortunately never tried in practice. There has never been a communist society of any large scale in modern times.

In order for a communist society to exist and to function, it needs the entire means of production under the sway of the people, which cannot exist with national boundaries and foreign economies of any sort. The entire planet needs to be the property of the human race.

Comment Re:I do hope... (Score 1) 297

Not if the life on Mars is of earth origin (or earth life is or mars origin). That could still mean earth is the only place life has developed. It needs to be its own independent evolution for it to mean that life could be everywhere. Otherwise it still doesn't answer the question of how common life evolves in the universe.

Comment Re:Why not send it to Linus? (Score 1) 600

What does Linus have to do with anything other than the kernel itself? He isn't part of PHP, Apache, openssh, mozilla, Gnome, gcc (etc) or attached to any distro. Unless its a kernel exploit he would be powerless to fix it and wouldn't care. There are a million ways to write such software, any competent linux dev could do so. The thing is, it doesn't matter, because it can be nullified by simple policy changes - and the fact that no two distro's are alike, "linux" can be a whole slew of differing combinations of software.

Putting something like this in the "wild" is nothing worse than metasploit, nmap, satan or any number of other tool sets. GCC and bash are just as dangerous a "toolkit".

His supposed killer malware is bullshit anyway, he's provided no details. What webserver? What distro? What does SELinux have to do with it? Is he requiring the user to know the root password, and type it in?

How about a bash script with "rm -rf /*" ran as root? Is that malware?

Do you know how many exploitable apps are in / have been in linux over the years? Unix in general? A shit ton! This is nothing new, revolutionary or extraordinary.

Comment Re:here's the real health hazard (Score 1) 554

So you'd eat a fully cooked steak that has sat out at room temp all night?

I've eaten raw or undercooked meat (fish and beef) my entire life. The only cases of food poisoning I have ever had have been from: pizza, bacon and a hot dog.

I love a rare steak. I also love sushi and sashimi. I've eaten raw tuna on a fishing boat that was still warm. The reason people are so used to fully cooking their meat is because of poor standards at meat factories, you HAVE to in some cases or you will get sick (factory chicken).

Properly raised and slaughtered meat of any sort is perfectly fine to eat less than well done, or even raw. Even chicken and pork.

Comment Re:Dials for manipulating 3D objects (Score 2, Informative) 271

Those were common in early cadd systems, they didn't have a mouse. They used digitizing tables and 3d inputs like you see in the video.

I would have liked to know more about the technology, not just how he did it with "a computer". What cadd package was it? What hardware?

Most likely something from Unigraphics or Intergraph, as those were big 3d modeling packages of the era.

Nowadays 3d inputs are easier with spaceballs and a simple mouse, or a 3d mouse.

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