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Comment Re:Tips... (Score 1) 519

But you don't work for me, you work for the restaurant. I don't tip gas bar attendants, or librarians, or MacDonald's servers.

None of those are classified as 'tipped employees,' so they meet an entirely different minimum wage requirement.

Then again, I never "run any servers ass". I sit down, order food, eat it, pay and leave. Should I leave a paltry tip if the food sucked? How is that a representation of your service? The shitty minimum wage is the problem here, not the "bad" tippers.

If the food is shit, complain to the managers. Get it comp'd off the bill (ie free). If the servers do everything else well, why punish them? They didn't cook the food, lol.

PS, I bust my ass where I work, and I don't get tips. Restaurant staff do not have a monopoly on working hard.

Never meant to imply that.

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 1) 519

If it is a one time meal or few and far between location and have just taken order and brought food and nothing special, then they are lucky if I even leave 10%. Why? Because it is NOT MY JOB to pay for a restaurant employee.

I was addressing this point mainly. I'm curious what "special" means, song and dance, maybe? Definitely, Ruby Tuesdays let ya down, that's bullshit. I'm not unreasonable. The question though, was one of those 4 hanging at the bar your server, or another one? If it wasn't, then the server may not have known he was sat another table, maybe back working doing something for another table. Hostesses don't let servers know they've been sat, often enough. Many possibilities.

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 0, Redundant) 519

You took the time to address the points, but didn't see that I had 'once worked.' Haven't since I graduated college, my compensation is quite fine now, thank you.

I'm just sorry the world doesn't work the way you wish it did, but stiffing hard-working people isn't exactly the way to entice change. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 1, Informative) 519

As someone who once lived off restaurant tips, I'm pretty sure I speak for all when I say 'Fuck You.' What the hell do you know about 'if it's deserved'? The way you talk, you've never been in that industry, even once. Lucky for 10%? Some of us bust our ass, it's not like making $2.13 an hour is glamorous pay. Federal minimum wage for tipped employees. We're obviously not paid by the restaurants, but by the tables. If you don't pay us, we don't work for you. Period. You can walk out, please do, and take your 'business' with you, because there are 100 people behind you waiting for a table. People who pay for service. You're no better than the holy assholes who leave the "god pamphlets" on Sundays as 'tips'. Last time I checked, God doesn't pay the damn rent. Neither does $2.13. You don't tip pizza delivery guys, do you? Just expect them to deliver for free, so you don't have to get off the couch. You don't want to eat there? Let me guess, you only eat at fast food places? Because every restaurant in between runs on tips, with very few exceptions. There's just something so bloody infuriating as working hard for a table, one who ran your ass the whole time, only to get a $2 tip. Trust me, we don't forget faces who do that. Just remember, you get what you pay for, and shitty tippers like you get a reputation. Servers talk. And you can choke on it. Just do us all a favor, never go out to eat again.

Comment Re:Luck not shot down (Score 3, Insightful) 518

I've seen this done before. When Bush was in office, he visited the local area. Unknown to a local pilot in his private plane, the no-fly zone around Bush was violated. The pilot was intercepted by a pair of fighters who did a very strange maneuver to escort the Cessna away. It looked like a controlled stall, the nose of the fighters were turned up very high, and they were essentially hopping next to the private craft. It was very strange to see.

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