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Comment Re:As a developer. (Score 2) 309

The problem is that the HTML specs provide a way to float crap on top, and ways to pin it to the top or bottom of the page, and also a hint to the browser that indicates how much reading space is covered by the crap, so that the browser knows how far to jump per page request. Lots of websites have the floaty crap, without the hint.

I found a solution this weekend: just disable CSS. Pages are readable again, besides the catastrophic breakdown of design, but articles... man, articles are text and images again. And space/PgDown scrollable.

Comment 100 port scans per hour. (Score 1) 279

You should install a firewall in your router, enable the few ports you want to use from the outside, and log every other connection attempt. That way you'll have an idea how often ports are scanned daily. For me is at least 100 times per hour in a single IP, most of them trying the telnet port, because a lot of surveillance cameras and other I(di)oT stuff still use telnet.

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