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Submission + - App Store Removes Customer Reviews (

Stupid Crunt writes: From Macstories — customer reviews of apps on the iTunes App Store have vanished, with no comment from Apple. Reviews by actual purchasers, while occasionally incoherent with rage, can serve as a useful datapoint as you try to decide whether to part with $0.99 for a yet another tower defense clone. The App Store was down for maintenance last night, so it's likely a bug rather than a nefarious plot by Steve.

Comment An "Open" Cellular Network? No Thanks. (Score 1) 322

Who cares if cellphone carriers want to maintain tight control of their network?

I'm very happy with the stability and predictability of the cellular network, and I have no interest in seeing it clotted up with some god-awful Bittorrent-ish thing that some kid invented so that he could avoid paying for ringtones or whatever. I would greatly prefer that my phone continues to be reliable than that the cellular networks are allowed to degenerate until they work as poorly as the internet.

Those of you with ATT service may not understand this distinction.

The Internet

Verizon Changes FiOS AUP, -1, Offtopic 560

RasputinAXP writes "Verizon has changed their FiOS AUP effective yesterday, and added an interesting new clause to their specific examples that we're all familiar with: 'it is a violation of the Agreement and this AUP to ... post off-topic information on message boards, chat rooms or social networking sites.' At this point, every FiOS-based Slashdot user is breaking the new AUP."

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