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Comment Re:Why put MSCs in your eyes to begin with? (Score 2) 108

Sure, but these women had macular degeneration and were going blind anyway. MD causes the vision to deteriorate first in the center of the visual field, and then expand outward, so the most important part of sight is lost first, leaving only peripheral vision. So it's not like 3 women with perfect vision suddenly lost their sight.

Well when you put it like that it sounds much more reasonable, they should really be grateful for the opportunity to go blind earlier. Now they have an opportunity to pull themselves up by their own walking sticks.

Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

Because of the physical limitations of the format it's hard to make a record like a CD version, that is what the GP was referring to, because vinyl relies on the physical movement of the needle generate bass you need a large movement so generate a lot of bass, this means the grooves need to be further apart to stop the cutting head cutting through o other grooves, so you make shorter records, alternatively you reduce the overall level, but then you incur a cost in signal to noise ratio. Basically CDs are easy to master very loud, records are not.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 5, Funny) 322

I don't have any real problem with these ads as they are non-intrusive and are often very timely, just the other day I was talking to my wife about anti-virus and an ad for one popped up at just the same time, talk about handy. Now I don't need o search, I just talk about things in range of the microphone and wait for the ad to pop up! -definitelynotshilling

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