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Comment Re:Joy (Score 1) 211

Are you saying they are wrong and Venus has always been as it is now? Are you a believer in some new sort of steady state universe I was previously unaware of where the planets are unchanging? That's an interesting theory, you should write it up for us all.

Comment Re:Spare $1,500/month for new immigrant won't work (Score 2) 618

Probably tens of millions of people would love to double their income and not even have to work anymore. That incentive is too strong.

Funny how this argument never comes up for Billionaires, they are special flowers who are carrying the rest of society and shouldn't be taxed at all lest they desert us...

Comment Re:The denialists need to be dealt with somehow. (Score 1) 331

How urgent does a problem have to be before someone like you will be motivated to improve the quality of life for the majority of humanity? I realise it might mean terrible inconveniences like driving a different type of car and recycling your mountain dew cans, but it might be worth it if means our planet remains habitable.

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