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Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

Because of the physical limitations of the format it's hard to make a record like a CD version, that is what the GP was referring to, because vinyl relies on the physical movement of the needle generate bass you need a large movement so generate a lot of bass, this means the grooves need to be further apart to stop the cutting head cutting through o other grooves, so you make shorter records, alternatively you reduce the overall level, but then you incur a cost in signal to noise ratio. Basically CDs are easy to master very loud, records are not.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 5, Funny) 322

I don't have any real problem with these ads as they are non-intrusive and are often very timely, just the other day I was talking to my wife about anti-virus and an ad for one popped up at just the same time, talk about handy. Now I don't need o search, I just talk about things in range of the microphone and wait for the ad to pop up! -definitelynotshilling

Comment Re:Just one question (Score 1) 367

Are they using the same engine that Facebook uses to promote trending news?

Yes I think they are, there are actually very few engines on the internet and they are almost all liberally biased. I believe facebook and google used the single cam hybrid, you really can't trust it.

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