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Comment Re:hope it was worth the megan's law list (Score 1) 434

That law, as questionable as it is, doesn't criminalize anything retroactively. It just imposes certain registration requirements on certain individuals, that must be carried out after the law was passed. As such, it would probably pass constitution muster, at least as far as the clause you quoted was concerned. (But then again, I'm not a lawyer, so this is just a personal opinion and not a legal one.)

Comment Re:rather easy going return policy. (Score 1) 128

It is the retailer's choice to offer a "no questions asked" return policy. It is irrelevant that many customers abuse such a policy. When the store offers such a policy, it assumes the all risks involved because of "no questions asked". It is unethical (and also illegal) for them to pawn off that risk on unsuspecting customers who are paying full retail price and expecting new products.

What they should have done is to refurbish the goods (add new shrink-wrap, reformat memory sticks and hard drives, reset phones to factory defaults, etc.) and offer them for sale as-is at a discount. That they didn't even try to refurbish media before re-selling it as new shows that not only are they unscrupulous, they're also stupid.

Comment Re:finally, (Score 1) 113

More importantly, it would mean the defendant wouldn't have to pay those obscene legal fees

No. It only means that they don't have to pay the RIAA's obscene legal fees. They will still have to pay any legal fees to their own lawyers. And since the case is dismissed without prejudice, the RIAA is free to bring it again, costing even MORE legal fees.

Comment Looks Like APRS (Score 1) 308

This looks like an application specific front end (with compass) like APRS works for ham radio.

See and enter the call sign of a ham radio equipped with a GPS (like the Yaesu VX-8R).

It just opens the door to anyone and maybe adds a friends list.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 291

This isn't about making English prose that humans are expected to read and make sense of. Rather, it's about making English prose that anti-spam and anti-virus filters won't automatically flag and delete. If somebody has a web page or an email that exploits a vulnerablity, a good anti-spam or anti-virus filter could prevent it from loading based on the payload alone, without even having to know about the vulnerability itself (While vulnerabilities constantly change, the rules governing what is valid x86 code do not). Now, however, this is no longer the case.

Comment Re:And why is this important? (Score 1) 142

You are welcome to make your private key the product of two large Mersenne primes.

Since all Mersenne primes are of the form 2^p-1, one only need to search p possibilities. Since the largest currently known Mersenne prime is 2^43112609, this is equivalent to 26-bit encryption. Also, since only 47 Mersenne primes are actually known, one could use a simple table search, reducing this to 6-bit encryption. Breaking 6-bit encryption is left as an exercise for the reader.

Comment Re:Not the engineers fault (Score 1) 383

Just make the button detect authorized fingerprints only and require a heartbeat in the finger and also scan the operator's retina and alter lighting to make sure that the iris responds "correctly" to random changes in light level.

Bet you can't circumvent that with just duct tape. Now, with an Arduino, some peripheral hardware and a few spare evenings....

Require a retinal scan to operate the safety button, and somebody's going to lose an eye...

Comment Re:It's Called S.E.X (Score 1) 811

I have. And unlike drugs, you can replace a game with pretty much any other form of entertainment. That's the difference.

Who NEEDS 16+ hours of entertainment a day? There's not that much difference between replacing one game with another, or one entertainment time-sink for another - and replacing one drug with another. If (say) someone plays WoW 16 hours a day until his internet connection goes down - and then switches to 16 hours of Wii a day, that would indicate an addiction.

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